That “How?” Question

     It just keeps coming back.

     Jim Jordan has trumpeted the intentions of his “Weaponization of Government” subcommittee. They’re exactly what I would have expected from Jordan, one of the few genuinely laudable persons in Congress:

     Lauren Boebert, another admirable Representative, has added her concurring opinions:

     Applause, but…how? What do you propose to do about it, other than hold hearings? When will we see a detailed plan that shatters the Civil Service walls around those weaponized agencies? Does either of you have the outline of a plan? If so, when will the rest of us get to see it?

     The Civil Service is demonstrably Left-owned, and to the Left, only power matters. Even were every agency to be purged of its top men, all to be replaced by solid pro-freedom, Constitution-respecting conservatives, the working parts of those agencies would remain as they are. The leadership would be helpless against them. Fire tens of thousands of bureaucrats? It’s damned near impossible to fire one. The agencies would continue as they’ve done these past five decades to target the Right for destruction.

     It’s the power dynamic again. They who seek government jobs are people who want what they offer that’s unavailable in the private sector: power over others and job security. Power over others is the priority of the Left, which gives its adherents a natural advantage at pursuing it. Thus, if every one of the alphabet agencies were to be purged completely and a restaffing process to begin tomorrow, when their offices had been repopulated the situation would be the same as it is today.

     A natural dynamic cannot be countered with a Congressional subcommittee. It can only be thwarted by a more powerful natural dynamic. There is only one such: the one that Henry Bowman and his allies actuated. Until that engine gets cranked up and roaring, there will be no enduring substantive changes.

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    • Dan on January 11, 2023 at 6:09 PM

    More virtue signaling.  NO action that has any chance of upsetting the political apple cart has even the remotest chance of seeing daylight.  TINVOWOOT   And ANY elected person posing ANY threat to the status quo will be destroyed by the entrenched system.

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