The Good Old Days Dept.

     Being old, my memories contain a great deal that pertains to “those halcyon days of yore:” i.e., when I was young, dumb, and full of…well, never mind. Just a minute ago I ran across an image that brought many such memories flooding back:

     (Courtesy of Bustednuckles.)

     The engine is sweet-looking, but that supercharger! My God, what I could do with one of those and a modern high-compression V8! Say, the 5500 cm3 engine in my Mercedes. But I’d better not fantasize too vividly. I still have all my shop tools except for my hoist, and serviceable used hoists are pretty damn cheap if you know where to look. The C.S.O. will tell you: I’m not all that well armored against temptation.

     Carly Simon has told us that “These are the good old days.” Well, in certain respects, perhaps. And with that, it’s back to my morning yogurt.