Leftist Rules for an Unruly Culture

The first problem with this “decriminalization of prostitution” is that it does NOT help out the people on the street. The problem with prostitution is not that people get arrested for engaging in paid sex, but that so many of them are wounded individuals with a long history of being abused.

It’s similar to the argument for decriminalizing drugs. It doesn’t HELP the addict; it just allows them to continue their self-destruction without penalty. And, for addicts, that usually means health and mental breakdown, and likely death. The rise in the “Zombie Addicts” is proof that toleration of public drug abuse is NOT a good thing.

People under the control of an addiction or an abusive person aren’t free. Those that wish them to break free of their psychological chains aren’t the Bad Ones. Yet, that is the argument by the Left, over and over again. And, in some jurisdictions, such as LA, San Francisco, and Philadelphia, that mindset is in control (thank you, George Soros – go read the story at the link – it will make you sick to see how easily a targeted donation can upend the criminal system).

Libertarians often argue for minimalizing laws, on the grounds that such actions ‘free’ people to pursue their best lives.

Unfortunately, in many societies, the cultural wasteland has led many to function at the level of domesticated animals – many of whom operate on a lazy, it-feels-good-so-I’ll-do-it level. That’s not how animals in the wild work – they manage their time so as to acquire, and protect food, shelter, and their offspring.

The same with working dogs, whose intelligence is notable. That category includes herding dogs, hunting dogs, and guard dogs. They have a purpose in life, and they restrain their base impulses to achieve that purpose.

But, many pets have little purpose, nor function in their households. The cats that inhabit most homes have little function other than to accept human affection (sometimes reluctantly). They lounge around for long hours, never being encouraged to keep the home environment free of vermin. Those that DO engage in hunting, excitedly showing their dead prey to their owners, are often discouraged from doing so again.

We have permitted too many people to reach adulthood – as defined in years, not maturity – with no responsibilities and few useful skills. Leftists have skillfully enlarged the numbers of such people, to the detriment of our society.

We need to begin prying these leeches on society loose from their secure niche. Set a time limit for welfare, EBT, housing allowances, subsidized health care, and other forms of enfeeblement.

Those with serious health issues would be exempt from these limits, for now (we may want to revisit their situations, AFTER getting the more obvious layabouts loose from public support).

But, but, but…What About the CHILDREN!

Two choices:

  • Use that time-limited period to find gainful employment and support themselves (as WORKING people, defined as those who work at least 30 hours a week), with possibly SOME temporary continuation of partial subsidies.
  • Take the kids away. If no relative with more gumption steps up, put them up for adoption/place them in care. For the teens, heavy intervention in their schooling, so they can become self-supporting, along with some useful skills training. We shouldn’t leave them with a lot of unstructured time – that age group gets into trouble, if not kept busy.
  • For the younger kids, put them with people already approved for adoption. IF they handle these admittedly likely difficult kids well, bump them to the top of the list for adoption.

Too much intervention? Too heavy-handed state action?

Probably. However, I’m thoroughly sick of seeing salvageable kids ruined by lazy-a$$, self-indulgent parents.

We’re in Triage Time, folks. We need to stop this $hit NOW. And, never again introduce a “compassionate” program that enfeebles sovereign citizens.


    • Dan on January 26, 2023 at 8:07 PM

    The war on terror, the war on poverty, the war on drugs….euphemisms….all of them. Just a front for the real war the government is waging.  The war on freedom.  Making drugs illegal has done NOTHING to prevent people  from buying, selling and using them.   All those laws have done is facilitate the destruction of freedom, most notably the Fourth Amendment.  Thanks to the war on drugs we now have badgemonkeys committing armed robbery under the guise of “civil asset forfeiture”.  The list of abuses the government has and continues to commit under the guise of drug laws is almost innumerable.  And NONE of that has done a damn thing to end drug usage.   ALL drug laws need to be repealed.  They serve no useful purpose and allow criminals in power to abuse honest people.  Want to end drug abuse….  The best way is education.    And even that is an uphill battle because a significant portion of society has an innately addictive personality.  They can’t help themselves. 

    1. Thank you Dan. You have, as FWP does so often, provided me with more incentive to present how social engineering has wrought such havoc on us. For instance, this “a significant portion of society has an innately addictive personality” permits one of their tactics to work seemingly effortlessly, but requires that society as a whole be coerced into silence.

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