Presidents And Pretenders

     Yesterday, Donald Trump did something that neither Joe Biden nor any member of his Cabinet has yet done: He went to East Palestine, Ohio. Moreover, he went with a large quantity of food and potable water. The residents of that badly beset district were overjoyed by his visit. Yes, they appreciated the aid he brought as well, but it’s my guess that they’d have cheered him just as enthusiastically even if he’d arrived empty-handed.

     What Donald Trump did was the quintessence of presidential behavior. It recalls to mind what President Ronald Reagan is rumored to have said after meeting Trump: “When I met that young man, I felt like I was the one shaking hands with a president.”

     One can scoff at the objective weight of such a visit. Trump’s presence did nothing to mitigate the disaster. Surely the food and water he brought will be used up relatively quickly. Yet no one can dismiss the effect it had on the residents of East Palestine. Trump’s arrival told them in the plainest of terms that they matter to him.

     It’s been said, with much justice, that we go to the polls every four years to elect a national father figure. Fathers care. They don’t just say it; they show it. That’s what we expect of them.

     The Usurper Regime has no interest in allowing any of its better-known figures to appear in East Palestine. It would identify whoever might do so with the disaster itself. That’s to be expected, as the worst effects of the derailment arose from the “controlled burn” imposed with the approval of the Environmental Protection Agency. Biden’s administration is already in trouble with the electorate. No matter whom the Democrats nominate for the presidency in 2024, for the current administration to be coupled to the worst environmental disaster in American history would be a monumental black mark against the Democrat Party.

     Events such as this make plain who is genuinely of national stature. Statesmen stand forth; pretenders cower and hide. As little affection as I have for government per se, it cheers me to see a man of quality act the part, while the dementia patient installed in the Oval Office strives to escape our scrutiny.

     There isn’t much else to say about this matter. East Palestine will at last receive some aid from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. No doubt there will be remediation efforts, though they’re likely to be mainly palliative. And doubt it not, the affected region will suffer. There will be disease and deaths.

     But at least it’s plain and open where ordinary Americans stand with the Usurper Regime, and with the man who belongs in the office Biden the Pretender occupies today.


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    • steveaz on February 23, 2023 at 12:06 PM

    The Trump/Haley ticket is taking shape.  Watch for it.  It’ll work.

    With a mandate to ‘clean house,’ Trump will have the unassailable stature needed to scrub the barnacles off the hull of the Ship of State.

    Afterwards, Santini (or like-minded Federal skeptic) in ’28 (or ’32) to foster their reforms.

    • Steve on February 23, 2023 at 3:37 PM

    I simply cannot stand Nimrata, she is as phony as Romney and that is saying something. My cousin has a vacation home in SC and from what he told me, most of the locals cheered when Trump dumped her at the UN. After her comments on the Battle Flag went public – as well as what she thought of those in her state who support/fly the flag – she was facing a serious problem in the legislature.

    She is another globalist and Trump would do well to stay clear of her, she will not help him, only her leash holders and financial backers.

  1. I don’t believe that Haley will have a chance to get on the ticket with Trump. He is polite to her face, but I don’t believe he trusts her.

    • Chicolini on February 24, 2023 at 6:23 AM

    I was disappointed in President Trump because of his failure to drain the swamp and his obsession with minorities, ignoring his White base. His visit to East Palestine has rehabilitated him in my opinion.

    Regarding a Trump/Nimratta Randhawa ticket, how did Trump/ Pence work out ? He needs a running mate that isn’t a member of Conservatives Inc trading on her minority status. For good or ill, the people of Pennsylvania rejected a Moslem Turk, in favor of Uncle Festerman who at least looks like them.

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