Day Off, Kinda-Sorta

     Today will be another day of long drives, hospitals, surgery, and so forth, so there will likely be nothing from me until late today, if at all. Enjoy your day, Gentle Reader, and perhaps if the Spirit moves you, say a prayer for my wife. Till whenever.


    • Margaret Ball on March 16, 2023 at 11:46 AM

    Thinking of you two today, Francis, and I hope it all goes well. Let us know when you can; this kind of day is exhausting enough even if everything goes as planned, so don’t feel obliged to post anything immediately afterwards.

  1. Health concerns are draining. If your wife’s insurance is Medicare, check to see if there are provisions for a week or two of meals provided by the plan. My brother was released from the hospital recently, and he was able to get food delivered that only needed to be heated up in a microwave.

    He also qualified for some home visits from rehab specialists. We just started going to the Y to build his strength and balance (his plan has Silver Sneakers for free).

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