A Coordinated Attack On Homeowners And Homeownership

     By now, we in the Right should be accustomed to seeing our political adversaries colluding on their most important initiatives. It’s certainly happened often enough already. One particularly threatening such collusion has been coming to light in recent weeks – and if you own a detached home in a district zoned for single-family residences, you’re one of the targets.

     Let’s start with a video:

     While it’s notable that this video was uploaded by “southernprepper1,” the impact of the thing goes well beyond anything of interest to the preparationist community. Those sheds average about two hundred square feet in footprint. They’re “raw” structures: no provisions for heat, plumbing, or electricity. They’re not insulated against the weather, and they’d be difficult to secure against attack. But great God in Heaven, imagine how many of them you could cluster onto an open acre of land!

     Other people are imagining it, too – and they’re not your friends.

     “Blue” governors, county executives, and mayors have been straining to carve holes in the traditional method for establishing a district of single-family housing: zoning. The usual pseudo-justifications have been flown: “exclusionary zoning practices,” “affordable housing,” “need for diversity,” and so forth. Property taxes and restrictions on modifications to existing residences have been increasing in tandem. The upshot is the desire to make it difficult for individual families to own a plot of land that’s exclusively theirs.

     Who do you suppose is being served by such intrusions onto Americans’ aspirations for a plot of their own? Might it be the open-borders crowd that cheers the flood of illegal aliens pouring into our country? Or perhaps the population-redistributionists who seek to undermine “red” districts and spaces with voters more friendly to the Left’s agenda? Or maybe just people who hate to see others enjoying a measure of peace and quiet?

     Several state legislatures have contemplated granting the governor “override authority” over local zoning decisions. Included in such grants would be the power to seize “under-utilized” parcels for “affordable housing” or “emergency accommodations.” Barack Hussein Obama tried it at the federal level. He almost got away with it.

     Now for a swerve: Combine the half-concealed hostility to private ownership of land with the huge influx of illegal aliens enabled by the demise of “Title 42,” the Left’s unconcealed hostility toward individually-owned gasoline-powered vehicles, and the World Economic Foundation’s “15-minute cities” proposal. What do you see?

     Have a few words from Long Island’s jewel in the Dextrosphere’s crown, Maura Dowling:

     Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) for the World Economic Forum’s 15-minute cities will be something to behold.
     ADUs are usually under 1,000 sq. ft. and are usually just secondary structures to a main structure, like a Mother-and-Daughter suite.
     The WEFs want you to think of them as your home but are moving ahead in secret.
     “You will own nothing,” as these structures will be built upon government and/or privately owned land for the people to rent. The 15-minute city is marketed as a futuristic town where everyone will live within 15 minutes of essential services. Some may say that large cities already meet this criterion, but the difference is that people currently have the ability to own their properties.
     The World Economic Forum is also proposing more “micro-housing units” or “plug-in houses” that will be no larger than 500 sq ft. Cars will be unnecessary in these sustainable cities, as reducing fossil fuels and sustainability is the top priority.

     That’s chilling enough, but wait: there’s more! And I promise that you won’t like it any better:

     There are many articles on this “trend.” Just type “adult dormitory” into Google’s search box and have fun. And really: what else could we have expected from a scheme for packing us all tightly together in these movement-restricted “15-minute cities?”

     Freedom in practical terms demands space and privacy. The more tightly grouped with others you are, the less latitude of action you enjoy. Crowding engenders shared services for things such as water, sewers, garbage disposal, and electrical power. Shared services beget control structures and bureaucracies. They also beget friction and conflicts. And of course, it’s inherently more difficult to escape a crowded district than a sparsely populated one.

     That’s enough, I think. Either you get the idea by now, or you’re numb between the earphones. As I have an acre of my own, it chills me to the core. I think I’m going to purchase that KSG25 shotgun and a whole lot of low-recoil ammo. Your preparations are your own affair.


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    • Evil Franklin on May 16, 2023 at 9:24 AM

    I’ve been intrigued by the KSG shotgun since its’ initial release, however, I’d like to offer an alternative.  It’s a Mossberg product, costs less and has multiple magazine sizes available.  https://www.mossberg.com/firearms/shotguns/590m.html

    I don’t own either, yet.  It’ll be my next purchase, when I am able.


    Evil Franklin

    1. I think the detachable magazine makes the Mossberg illegal for purchase in New York, but thanks for the suggestion.

  1. Wait, I have an idea. Let’s build a large main house on an acre of land. We can put, I don’t know, 50 of these smaller homes on that lot. I can let the people who clean my house and tend to my crops live in them. Then, to protect them from crime, I could build a wall around the entire thing.

    Where have I heard of this before? Oh yeah, welcome back to the middle ages.

    • OneGuy on May 16, 2023 at 10:34 AM

    We are retired living in Southern Az in a park model unit built in 1988 that we paid $12,000 for during Civid.  Our lot rent is $600 a month and includes water, sewer and TV.  We own a $400,000 home which we rent out for $2200 a month.  Our park has a pool, gym, ballroom, numerous hobby rooms and we have happy hours, cafeteria meals, dancing, exercise, tours, a range of activities.  This is the best kept secret in the world.

      • Evil Franklin on May 17, 2023 at 7:51 AM

      I hope there is no Home Owners Association.

        • JohnMc on May 18, 2023 at 9:36 AM

        No. But it does have a Serf Owners Association. Here’s hoping you make ‘management’.

      • Donna Wonna on May 18, 2023 at 1:19 AM

      I certainly hope you are able to maintain that rental income from your main property, but don’t count on it to last indefinitely. During the Covid Plandemic, large numbers of landlords were denied their rights as property owners to collect rent money from many renters who were taking advantage of “progressive” policies and court rulings. Many unscrupulous and dishonest renters played these policies to the hilt and legally got away with living rent-free for many months, all at the expense of the property owner, who ironically still had to pay their property tax bill. It is this very scenario which will likely repeat on an even larger scale in the future and has convinced me personally to stay away from the “landlord game” particularly because so many laws governing rental contracts favor the renter/squatter over the property owner.

    • Bill Bob Brown on May 17, 2023 at 4:34 PM

    I wonder if Klaus “Anal” Schwab will be sharing his mansion with the Jihadists taking over Europe. Will Barry Soetaro Obola invite Juan Valdez and his extended family to stay with him in Martha’s Vineyard?

    • OneGuy on May 18, 2023 at 10:27 AM

    If the rental property could no longer be rented then we would simply live there for 4-5 months during Summer and live in Arizona in the Winter.  It is nice to have the rental income but not essential to our retirement.


    There is no HOA in our Arizona park but there is in the rental home.  No problem I simply abide by the rules and everything is fine.  Management here at the Arizona park is very good  to us and we couldn’t be happier with them.

    • Bear Claw on May 18, 2023 at 7:19 PM

    Fire can be our friend

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