Who Worries About Backlash?

     Kurt Schlichter doesn’t:

     The Democrat cities are urine-soaked hellholes that reek of pot where criminals stalk unmolested while the full fury of what is supposed to be the law hangs over the head of any citizen who dares do something about it, and that’s good. The idiots who live there voted for turning their urban landscapes into petri dishes of social pathologies, and they should enjoy the full benefits of their decisions. We normal people should avoid these socialist wastelands and elect legislators to Congress who will starve them of the federal funds that enable their decline. In red states, our legislators should wage warfare on the blue tumors in their midst lest they metastasize outside the city limits. And we should ruthlessly point to them as the future Democrats want, which they are, a vision of a psychotic hobo taking a dump on the sidewalk out in front of your house forever.

     That’s just the first paragraph. Read the rest by all means, for from end to end it is filled with win. But as stirring as it is, the collapse of the “blue” cities wouldn’t bring us any closer to the restoration of the Republic. Relying on politics, regardless of at what level, is a wrong turning.

     Psychologist Dr. Peter Breggin has told us that we must not hope for, nor take satisfaction from, the miseries of others, whether they were earned or unearned. He has a point. People who relish the sorrows of others aren’t a decent person’s preferred company. Even predicting that someone will come to grief because of his foolishness can get you a bad reputation, if you look happy about it. This generalizes to large-scale social calamities.

     Yes, Lenin told his followers to “heighten the contradictions.” “The worse, the better,” he proclaimed. But that approach to political change has an iffy track record. Generally, revolutions take place when things had been slowly getting better, but then took a sharp downturn. Not that a revolution is something I want to see here, but that’s the prevailing pattern. Sharp reversals of conviction that pervade a majority, the sort of sea change that could reverse America’s current fortunes electorally, are rarer than successful revolutions. Plus, there’s that nasty little fact of Left-wing dominance of the election system to take into account.

     The federal government is becoming a mountain too steep to surmount. The Left will do anything imaginable to hold onto federal power. Indeed, it would do things that would horrify any decent person. We have 2020 to tell us that. Regaining control of Washington should be regarded as unlikely.

     The states and localities offer better chances…but once again, the Boards of Election are dominated by Leftists. Some of them will even tell you so. The likelihoods might be better than that of regaining federal power, but not by much. Worse, the federal government has too much money power for most of them to resist its demands.

     Politics remains a poor weapon for those who seek freedom. You can throw money, time, and emotion into that pit for a long, long time before you realize that it’s bottomless. They who fatten from that trough will keep you at it until you’re drained of your last dollar and your last erg, the parson reads your eulogy, and the good earth covers you. Our backlash should be against the political class: a complete and permanent washing of our hands, never again to donate to their candidates, to attend their rallies, or to return to their polling places.

     Remember that George Herron quote I posted not long ago? That’s the ticket. Help others to become so personally powerful that they’re un-oppressable. And should your beneficiaries press a crown upon you, thank them for the thought and move on.