This Warmed The Cockles Of My Spiny Little Heart

     I’ve said it’s coming. I’ve told you to watch for it. Well, it’s here – and I say it’s about BLEEP!ing time!

     While a voice from an unpictured, and presumedly black, commentator says “nothing you can do…you got insurance,” two Sikh immigrants in California have actualized the consequences of this recent aspect of contemporary American life.

     Remember this classic exchange from a 1974 movie?

Paul Kersey: Nothing to do but cut and run, huh? What else? What about the old American social custom of self-defense? If the police don’t defend us, maybe we ought to do it ourselves.
Jack Toby: We’re not pioneers anymore, Dad.
Paul Kersey: What are we, Jack?
Jack Toby: What do you mean?
Paul Kersey: I mean, if we’re not pioneers, what have we become? What do you call people who, when they’re faced with a condition or fear, do nothing about it, they just run and hide?
Jack Toby: Civilized?
Paul Kersey: No.

     In point of fact, the police do not exist to defend us from criminals. Their role is to protect the criminals from us. Look at the video in that tweet and think about it. Under the penal law, what sort of penalty would that thief suffer for his petty crime? At worst, he’d be treated to free room and board for a couple of months, probably in company with others like him who would teach him a few more “tricks of the trade.” He’d be unlikely to come out covered with bruises, or with a broken limb. Those Sikhs are administering the sort of penalty that will give pause to those who think like him.

     Think for a moment about the etymology of the word deterrence. What does the typical thief really fear? A brief spell as an all-expenses-paid guest of the state, or the sort of treatment the miscreant in that video received?

     No partial credit!


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    • Evil Franklin on August 3, 2023 at 7:47 AM

    The thief might be booked, but probably, immediately released to rob the store again. This time the thief was alone and armed with a knife. Next time he’ll have a gun and a partner.

    Evil Franklin

    • OneGuy on August 3, 2023 at 10:20 AM

    I need to download that video and watch it every morning with my coffee.

    • crankyoldcoot on August 3, 2023 at 12:45 PM

    Apparently Twitter lets unregistered users see tweets again.   This one warmed the cockles of my heart.


    I stole it from the WRSA link here:

    Lots of interesting stuff there.

    As for the video you posted, we all know the Sikh immigrants will be arrested, jailed and indicted for their racist attack on that innocent black man.

    • Bob in Idaho on August 3, 2023 at 12:55 PM

    They should not have filmed it. In that State the crims have more “rights” than the victims. Also, it would be more effective to thrust than to whack with a stick like that.

    1. They did not film it. The person recording this was another visitor to the store. From his accent, he too was black — and he exhorted the Sikhs not to try to fight the thief. His voice-over makes it ambiguous exactly who he was saying would “beat” whose “ass.”

      The Sikhs may get some official attention, and that would be unfortunate. But like the “rooftop Koreans” of the Rodney King riots, they have shown us what we must do.

    • Drumwaster on August 3, 2023 at 1:06 PM

    If violent crime is to be curbed, it is only the intended victim who can do it. The felon does not fear the police, and he fears neither judge nor jury. Therefore what he must be taught to fear is his victim. — Lt Col Jeff Cooper

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