Day Off

     I have a great many things to attend to this fine day, so it’s unlikely there’ll be anything from me until tomorrow. However, before I depart I must commend to you this tirade from Kurt Schlichter. Kurt foresees a great turning of the worm, in which he might be correct. He feels duty-bound to remind the Left that it was they who sowed dragons’ teeth in America’s fields, and in that he is definitely correct. Have a pull-quote:

     Do you think these laws only go one way? Do you think this precedent can’t be used right back against you and yours? There are a lot of state attorney generals and district attorneys out there in red states, and they are going through their statute books. Conservatives, who tend to be doomers, are fretting because none of these red officials have acted yet. But they will act, all in good time. First, slow, then all at once.

     We can hope, anyway. And do have a nice day.

     UPDATE: Believe it or not, YouTube banned this video:

     Tells you something, doesn’t it?


    • doubletrouble on September 6, 2023 at 7:31 AM

    What happened to the video from yesterday? (Masonic)

    1. I noticed the change too. I’m guessing the Masonic version was removed from YouTube, and now this one has replaced the one Fran posted yesterday.

      That’s a mystery.

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