If You Squint With The Sun Behind You…

     …it does rather look like evidence of a decades-long, world-girdling conspiracy in motion, doesn’t it? But I wouldn’t want to sound like one of those “QAnon types,” so perhaps I should just present the evidence for my Gentle Readers’ assessment.


1. Thou Shalt Not Mention The Evidence!

     I admire anyone who’s willing to brave the storms of racial propaganda and animosity…the storms coming from Negroes and Leftists, that is. One such intrepid commentator is Heather Mac Donald:

     Iconoclast Heather Mac Donald is not shy about sharing her opinion, and never has that been more apparent than at recent talk at UC Berkeley School of Law, during which the bestselling author staunchly defended the themes in her recent book “When Race Trumps Merit.”

     Mac Donald’s visit, hosted by the Federalist Society, prompted a protest consisting of about two dozen students in the audience who held signs such as “Black Lives Matter” and “Equity is beautiful” and asked pointed questions, including from one student who said he felt “assaulted” by her arguments.

     There it is right out in front of God and everybody: the “I feel unsafe!” cry from those who can’t bear to look at unpleasant facts. But let’s return to the article:

     “I just want to tell you right now that your book is racist, your arguments are racist. They are based in eugenics. They are based on ideas that black people and brown people can never compete with white and Asian counterparts,” one law student said during the Q&A, asking why anyone should take her work seriously when all she does is “peddle racist drivel.”

     Here’s the “law student” who made that statement:

     And here’s what Mac Donald actually said:

     “If I believe that blacks can never compete, I would say, yeah, we’ve got to lower standards, because that’s the only hope for getting diverse institutions. In fact, I believe that if we held … high expectations that blacks would successfully compete,” Mac Donald said.

     Is she right about that? I don’t think so myself, but who the BLEEP! am I to have an opinion? The “law student” in the photo above has an opinion, though; you can infer it from her “racist / eugenicist” statement. Do you think she wants Negroes to be held to the same standards as white and Asian students?

     Now, now, let’s not always see the same hands!


2. The Day Care Business Must Not Be Lucrative Enough.

     Well, if you must supplement the proceeds this way:

     A kilogram of fentanyl was stored on top of children’s play mats used for napping at the New York City day care where a 1-year-old boy died from exposure to the drug, according to a new federal criminal complaint.
     Day care operator Grei Mendez and tenant Carlisto Acevedo Brito are now facing federal charges of narcotics possession with intent to distribute resulting in death and conspiracy to distribute narcotics resulting in death, according to federal prosecutors.
     In a case that’s “shocked the conscience of the city,” the defendants allegedly “poisoned four babies and killed one of them because they were running a drug operation from a day care center” in the Bronx, Damian Williams, U.S. Attorney for Southern District of New York, said at a news conference Tuesday.

     I wouldn’t worry too much about this incident, Gentle Reader. Cases that “shock the conscience of the city” seldom evoke changes to established ways, especially when the persons involved are Negro or Hispanic. Besides, it was only one kid that died. But tell me, please: do you put your children into a day care center? What sort of persons own and operate it, pray tell? Do you know anything about their after-hours activities, or their associates, or their criminal records?


3. The Left Does Seem To Have A Problem With Kids, Though.

     Dave Blount has the story:

     Kamala Harris has been making herself useful to her party by going on the road to promote abortion:

Harris’ speech at North Carolina A&T University on Sept. 15 was part of her “Fight for Our Freedoms College Tour,” an effort to mobilize college students to vote and support the Democratic agenda on a variety of issues, including the expansion of abortion.

     Prolife students responded by gathering on the Greensboro campus to express opposition to killing unborn children.

     According to members of the group, they engaged in positive dialogue with students on campus. When the vice president’s speech was over, however, things got ugly.

     Moonbats stole signs from the prolifers.

     One young man can be seen taking the Students for Life group’s marker and sign and writing “BLM,” otherwise known as Black Lives Matter, on it. The crowd cheered as he raised the sign and danced around.

     This should help clarify matters for anyone unclear on whether pro-abortion militants are merely mistaken or malevolent:

     Two others can be seen on video holding up signs that say “F*** dem kids,” while the crowd is heard chanting the same.

     Sometimes, comment is unnecessary.


4. A Great Light Dawns.

     The more sobersided commentators in the Right have refrained from calling a spade a spade when the implications of its spadehood are “extreme.” But as we totter ever nearer to an abyss from which there can be no recovery, even the most restrained of them are beginning to speak plainly:

     Why won’t Biden comply with the law and close the border? By adhering to his constitutional responsibility, he would end a massively unpopular policy that, as Secretary Braverman says, threatens the democratic legitimacy of his administration. So why is he so insistent on opening the doors to millions of illegal immigrants?

     I think there is only one plausible answer. I think that admitting tens of millions of illegal immigrants is a critically important part of the Democratic Party’s strategy for perpetuating its own power. There are several long-term tides that are running against the Democrats. Republicans have more children than Democrats do, and minorities that used to vote reliably Democrat are shifting toward the GOP. How can the Democrats retain their grip on power? By adding many millions of residents who, through pervasive voter fraud, will provide winning electoral margins. And their children will be able to vote legally.

     Out of my longstanding admiration for the author of that piece, I shall restrain myself from a snarky rejoinder. But it must be frankly said that every item of relevant evidence since the Usurpers took control of Washington has made it plain that one of their primary goals is to increase illegal immigration to the highest possible level:

  • They’ve halted the construction of the border wall.
  • They’ve sold the unused wall components to prevent their use.
  • They’ve relocated illegals into the interior of the country by bus and plane.
  • In an act of previously unimagined defiance, they’ve welded the gates in the border wall open.

     The only thing they haven’t done is kidnap foreign nationals from their home countries and fly them to the U.S. willy-nilly. And don’t bet the rent money that that’s not in their back pockets should their current machinations not suffice.


5. In Closing.

     You don’t have to be Catholic to appreciate the penetration and eloquence of the writers who adorn The Catholic Thing. One such frequent contributor is John M. Grondelski:

     A Catholic philosopher might explain ressentiment through the prism of our orientation to the good. Because human beings are hardwired for the good, they even choose evil under the appearance of good. And because that hardwiring also structures the human mind, the person who persists in evil must redefine reality so that down is up, and evil is good. Ressentiment is very much the spiritual rebel’s philosophical response to “Did God really say. . . ?”

     Ressentiment also seems to have a parasitic relationship to nominalism, the belief that names are mere conventions. The ease with which ressentiment reshuffles the “labels” of a real order creates, especially for the woke, a new order of being. For example, abolishing the dreaded “gender binary” becomes absolutely compelling. It’s not just a “label.” It’s a mandatory new “value.”


     The diminution of religion from right to merely (or even primarily) interest tainted whatever it touched, so the exclusion of religion from public life was – at least to elites – desirable. It was, in fact, a degradation, as Shaw’s quotation shows: by leveling religion to a mere “interest,” one could then balance religious workers’ claims to Sabbath observance against the necessity of the atheist’s need for Sunday delivery of his vegan tofu ranchero wheatberry salad. Free exercise is clearly “a genuine threat to. . .businesses. . .[serving] diverse population[s].” Now we know the really important “interests.”

     Please read it all. You don’t have to be Catholic to appreciate Dr. Grondelski’s insight and force.


     That’s all for today, Gentle Reader. I’ve just glanced fleetingly at my agenda, and I’m thinking seriously of taking a full-time job once again so I can get some rest. Whatever, be well.