A Few Pleasant Thoughts With Which To Begin Your Day

     Cruelty, beheading, burning to death, torturing and mutilating are the essence of Islam. — Daniel Greenfield

     Savages have no rights. – Ayn Rand.

     And a little more from your humble Curmudgeon:

     No scheme of objective analysis can deal with the suppression of self-interest characteristic of love, or with the inclusive nihilism of violent predation. The possibility of averting a war, or ending a war already in progress, by negotiation rests on the premise that the potential combatants want something for which they’d be willing to put up their swords, if they could get it some less costly way.

     It’s a knowledge suffused with sorrow, for it implies that there can be no peace with the Islamist radicals, nor with the Palestinian irredentists whose terror campaign seeks the destruction of Israel. There can only be victory or death.

     But do have a nice day. Please!