Dispatches From The War On Normality

     The guiding principle is only this: If it’s normal and healthful, they hate it and want to destroy it:

     A lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court by one Denver Public Schools father alleging his two children have been denied their First Amendment rights to have a “straight pride” flag in school may stand a chance in court….

     CBS News Colorado has been following this lawsuit closely, which was first filed back on Nov. 10 by two Washington D.C. lawyers, Mike Yoder and ChadLaVeglia. The lawsuit argues Nathan Feldman, a father of two children attending the K-8 Slavens School in Denver, was denied being able to put up a cisgendered, heterosexual flag at school. He says a “straight pride” flag represents his children’s beliefs and should be allowed on campus in the same way LGBTQ+ flags are allowed.

     You’d think there could be no logical argument against that position. After all, haven’t we committed to the proposition that sodomy, sexual confusion, and miscellaneous perversions are “just another orientation” that deserves toleration? According to the sodomites, the confused, and the miscellaneous perverts, that doesn’t mean we can tolerate heterosexual pride:

     A spokesperson for LGBTQ Colorado sent the following statement in response to the lawsuit:

     A Pride flag is not meant to be exclusive – it is designed to be inclusive. It is meant to draw attention and humanity to people who historically have been considered “illegal”, ostracized, excluded, and for too long quiet victims of discrimination and violence.

     A Straight Pride Flag speaks “us vs them” wherein a Pride flag lifts up an “all of us” dynamic that recognizes the too often quiet and quieted LGBTQ+ community.

     You have to laugh, if only to resist the urge to cry. “Quiet and quieted” – ? These clowns have utterly dominated all discourse for decades. They have legal privileges written into the law. Dare to argue with them, and they crawl all over you, do their best to destroy you. Dare to exclude them from your treehouse and you’re guilty of “discrimination.” Ask Masterpiece Cakeshop proprietor Jack Phillips. Ask the couple that ran Sweet Cakes By Melissa. Ask the proprietors of Memories Pizza.

     (I’m too tired to insert all the links. Look ‘em up.)

     The LGBTQ+ folks don’t want tolerance. They demand dominance.

     Excuse me, Gentle Reader. The steam pouring out of my ears has fogged my reading glasses, such that I can no longer see the keys I’m missing. It’s time to decompress. Back later, I hope.

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    • Scott on December 9, 2023 at 9:59 PM

    Thank y’all and God Bless you and y’all’s family Thanks for finding what I really didn’t have the internet skills to do. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO Y’ALL 
    May we pray that God will bless the US of A

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