A Concession On Every Point Is Not A “Deal”

     But it appears that that’s what the Republican Senatorial caucus is being asked to swallow:

     A number of Senate Republicans are extremely concerned with the ongoing border deal negotiations between the White House and GOP leadership, expressing their frustration with a number of leaked proposals that are being considered and saying they would never vote for the bill, in exclusive conversations with the Daily Caller.
     According to sources engaged on the border bailout, the proposals go beyond past already reported leaks. The current framework under consideration would drastically change immigration law in the U.S. Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley, Utah Sen. Mike Lee and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz all spoke with the Caller about what they have heard about the ongoing negotiations and reacted to leaked proposals obtained by the Caller.

Here Are Some Leaked Proposals In The Current Framework, According To Sources:

  • Legally establish 5,000 illegal aliens entering the country per day as the new norm, requiring the crisis hit that number before the president could invoke Title 42-esque authority, effectively forcing Americans to, at minimum, accept 1.8 million illegal aliens a year.
  • Provide amnesty to a “documented Dreamer” class, taking care of 250,000 people whose parents replaced American workers under the deeply flawed H-1B guest worker program.
  • Keep mass parole programs in place — provided illegal immigrants enter through American airports, not at the border.
  • Give quicker work permits to illegal aliens likely committing asylum fraud by ending the 180-day wait period.
  • Expand the already vast network of free benefits like legal services for illegal aliens—adding to the services American taxpayers already fund to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars per year.
  • Funnel billions of dollars to the corrupt NGOs that profit off the border crisis by transporting, lodging, and helping illegal aliens enter the country every day.

     That’s not a “deal;” that’s a giveaway to the open-border advocates – i.e., the Left, of which the Democrat Party is the political arm and would be the largest beneficiary. If the Republican “leaders” in the Senate are “negotiating” on that basis, the lot of them should be tarred, feathered, and run out of town on a rail.

     Illegal aliens are lawbreakers. There is no “acceptable annual maximum” of lawbreakers the nation should be asked to tolerate as “the new norm,” other than zero. And there is no basis on which, once a lawbreaker has been discovered, to do anything other than incarcerate and / or deport him. Give him a work permit? Give him taxpayer-funded benefits? Who do these people think they represent?

     America, we hardly knew ye.

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