Stating It Clearly

     It’s impossible to misconstrue what this man, death-and-aging-phobe multimillionaire Brian Johnson, is saying:

     The estimable Paul Joseph Watson makes it even plainer:

     “An absolute blank slate.” A posthuman nihilistic atomizing recipe for utter misery, that’s what that is. Rootless soulless vapid anti-natalist oblivion at its heart. This is pure Red Terror Maoism. The belief that historical foundations are worthless and are to be totally obliterated, sacrificed at the altar of an internationalist movement of deracinated, enraged youth brigades. Literally the kind of year zero philosophy embraced by the Khmer Rouge and Pol Pot. Bloodletting French Revolutionary style of anarcho-tyranny dressed up as utopian futurism. If you actually agree with his vision and try to pursue it in your own life instead of centering your existence around family, tradition, kinship, and God, I can absolutely guarantee that no matter what age you live to, every single moment of it will be afflicted by anxiousness, agony, and pain.

     They no longer hide their intentions, Gentle Reader. They no longer try to camouflage them. They’re flapping them in our faces. Can you really say with confidence that they don’t mean every word?

     Pray. For the love of God, pray!