And I Thought We’d Reached Peak Insanity

     Before I saw the image below – shamelessly stolen from Kenny Lane’s place – I’d have said that there isn’t much in the way of untried yet marginally imaginable lunacy left to explore. But here we are:

     Yes, it’s possible. But it’s also a manifestation of genuine insanity. If you’re inclined to dispute that, look at it from her husband’s perspective. To be a wife she must have a husband, right? And these days, shotgun weddings are frowned upon, so he had to have married her willingly.

     Some years back I read a novel the central premise of which was that a clone of the Christ Child had been conceived and implanted in the womb of a (willing) host mother. That young woman was described as:

  • Spectacularly beautiful,
  • Unmarried,
  • A virgin,
  • And completely uninterested in sex.

     Yet the cloners found a young man willing to marry her.

     At the time I thought the premise clung to the outer edge of a reader’s “willing suspension of disbelief” by its fingernails. Now I must contact the author and tell him about “Jennifer.”


    • The Old Guy on March 6, 2024 at 1:55 PM

    If she is a lesbian, what are the chances that her “husband” has XX chromosomes?

    1. Hold on there. Do you realize the celebrity potential for a lesbian whose partner is a transwoman who hasn’t gone all the way? It’s all about look at me. So it’s coming.

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