The Key Historical Animosity

     If you bothered to watch the video embedded below, you might have a few questions about this nebulous thing called “Christian nationalism.” I intend to address some of those questions a bit later, when I’m properly awake. For the moment, have a gander at yet another video, this one from the Land Down Under:

     It “should” be “obvious” that the government of Australia regards the Catholic Church as its enemy. Its recent policy movements have been against the Church, though always sculpted to make it look like the government is protecting or promoting someone’s “rights.” Often the “right” being protected is the “right” to force yourself on others who want no part of you…just as here in the United States.

     The State and God are enemies. Pastor Doug Wilson says it explicitly in the video below. The laws decreed by the Supreme Being constrain the State’s edicts. That chafes men whose supreme goal is absolute and unopposable power. When their irritation at such constraint gets the better of them, they flaunt their defiance of God by passing some “law” that contravenes His dictates.

     Historically, churches have allied with the State. That has the twofold purpose of subordinating the temporal rulers to the clerical hierarchy, and to put temporal power at the service of the religious authorities. But rulers have always resented any degree of subordination, and have usually contrived to throw off a religious yoke. Henry VIII of England is the best-known case. When that occurs, the State invariably assumes power over the church…and can be counted upon to use that power to break the church and its teachings to the ruler’s will.

     The First Amendment to the Constitution was an attempt to prevent either source of authority from lording it over the other. But the situation has become unstable. Recently the State, here as elsewhere, has been exerting its authority at the expense of Christian teachings. That comes naturally to persons who worship power. The swelling reaction against it in this still mostly Christian country has frightened some. They fear the rise of an American theocracy, an establishment of religion akin to what Henry VIII imposed upon England.

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