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The Diplomat

     peace n: A state of tension falling short of armed conflict. [Definition proposed by the late Keith Laumer in his Retief tales]      Among the political fantasies of our era, the notion that one can negotiate an enduring peace with an enemy ideologically committed to one’s destruction ranks very high, possibly supreme. Yet that …

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The Passing Of A Monarch

     Monarchs aren’t what they once were, to be sure. The First World has no recognized kings or queens who wield the powers once associated with those titles. Elizabeth of the House of Windsor, a.k.a. Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales, certainly didn’t wield the powers of …

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Great Men…And Others

     There are great men that the histories recognize, and there are great men whose greatness largely goes unrecognized, sometimes even unrecorded. Some fall between those two poles. Some are remembered for the wrong things.      Mikhail Gorbachev died yesterday. He’s mostly remembered for being the last potentate of the old Soviet Union. Vladimir Putin …

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