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On Going Too Far

     Yesterday’s tirade about moderation reaped me an email objection I should have expected. My correspondent assumed that I had a “system” of some sort in mind, rather than a simple respect for the equilibrium principle that governs all things under the veil of time. The writer asked if I were about to advocate “Christian …

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The Mystery Of Work

     It’s time for something to raise the spirits, rather than darken them as political BS tends to do. As it happens, I have something of the sort on tap.      First, a little C. S. Lewis: Then an experience that perhaps no good man can ever have in our world came over (Ransom) – …

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The Secret To Happiness

     [I first posted the story below in August 2015. It seems to me to deserve a repetition, especially given how many people I’ve encountered recently who talk about nothing but their woes. It comes in many variations, so you might have heard it somewhat differently on another occasion. – FWP] ***      They were …

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