Publick Announcement

Greetings, liberty lovers! Mike from Ye Olde Cold Fury websty here, welcoming one and all to the new incarnation of your Curmudgeon Emeritus’s humble blog, Liberty’s Torch. As you probably know, Francis was concerned about his future prospects as a Right Wing White Supremacist Nazi Death Beast on Google-owned Blogspot; we constructed this joint to help him refugee on out of there before the infamous boxcars were dispatched.

So here we all are. Hope you’ll enjoy your stay. As always, do feel free to alert us to any problems or malfunctions that may crop up. There’s sure to be a few of ’em; after nearly twenty years of doing this stuff, I’ve learned that a big part of the whole process is an almighty Bug Hunt at the fag-end of it. Not to worry, we’ll get ’em all squashed.

Consider this the penultimate function-test post before taking the new site live—actually more of a check to see whether my third-party posting software is going to play nice with the new install than it is of the site itself. And then: on with the show!