The Importance of Having a Wide Net

I read pretty much everything I run across. Even, at times, the Leftist stuff.

I may get into a few paragraphs, think “Holy Sh**, this guy is WACK!” and back out, erasing any breadcrumbs I left.

Other times, I will use a clearly erroneous or partisan essay as a springboard to a blog post.

And, sometimes, I read from sources that, while I disagree with them in many things, they have both information and a point of view that I need to know about. Such a source is Reason.

As their name might suggest, they think of themselves as the dispassionate, cerebral kind of thinkers, that coolly look at an issue, dissect it without bias, and can formulate an essay explaining the best approach, purely from scientific reasoning.

Don’t believe it. Reason has bias, just like any other source. However, they are LESS likely to be reflexively Leftist in their positions than most, and also less likely to automatically call ‘Anathema!’ on any ideas coming from the NLDs (Non-Leftist Dissidents).

This is a good one to print out, set in public places, and use as a starting point for getting people to back off on solutions that guarantee to pulverize the extreme right, and consider just how bad these Leftist ideas are.

“Journalists and media-theoreticians right now think the solution to Trumpy delusion is to deplatform even sitting U.S. senatorssic the feds on Fox News, break up Big Tech, reject “bothsidesism,” use the most maximally negative adjectives to describe Republicans, and reposition journalism as a tool for producing better democratic outcomes through applied moral clarity.

I think those approaches will backfire. Deliberately shrinking the public square is no way to persuade consumers on the edges of the debate. Injecting more moralizing into fact-gathering is unlikely to make the end product more factual. Giving the government more power over the rules and practice of free speech is, well, dystopian.”

The Biden people, and the Congress, need to get it together, and rein in those zealots. If they keep this up, the Open Civil War will be a-starting Real Soon.