Don’t Get TOO Excited

Many of the NLDs are seeing the Chief Justice, John Roberts, declining to preside over the 2nd attempt to Get Rid of Trump, 4Evah, as an indication that the Justice recognizes the legislative lack of standing to try a FORMER President in an Impeachment Trial.

That brings to mind TWO possible answers to the persecution:

  • If the Senate tries Trump, they are implicitly admitting that HE is the current President, or,
  • They have no right to try a Former President.

I doubt it will even slow the runaway train that this extra-judicial idiocy is. The Left has NEVER let a lack of consistency or logic stop them from any of their escapades.

What I see is a far more dangerous maneuver:

It keeps Roberts from any involvement in the process, and leaves him free to put himself right in the middle of any lawsuits that hit hit Court. If he HAD participated, it would have given Trump reason to challenge his voting on a matter in which he was involved.

Never discount the perfidy of Weasels.