Ace Does It Again

     Striking the jugular in a minimum of words is becoming his specialty:

     [O]nly the dishonest attempt to panic other people into making decisions.

     Please read the whole column. Now, Gentle Reader: Which side of the political spectrum has made a specialty of screaming that “There’s no time to waste!” and “We’ve got to act now!” Given what has followed from their many “crises,” can you think of a single reason to grant them the smallest shred of credibility?

     Americans’ ears and psyches are becoming numb to the Left’s crisis-shouting. That’s only to be expected…but I shiver to think what it might mean should a genuine crisis arise that really does demand something like immediate action.


  1. Stampede the sheep.


    The above link will lead you to 8 times I keyworded “Precautionary Principle.” In each screed I exposed the lack of principle of its users. I did so either explicitly (the oldest links) or by implication.

    Over the years I’ve been stunned that so many otherwise learned people never heard of it. It has a long, abusive history wherein some “paramount” fear is used discard all other concerns. “What if they’re right?….”

    At this point it may matter little that readers know of this extraordinary sophistry Those in power know how to use it, and they own the largest microphones and control the police state they’ve almost completed. Or they think they do. Knowing this sophistry has a name provides the reader with a clue to the past and how the abusers were brought to justice.

    That may be reason enough to be familiar with the Precautionary Principle. (Don’t look to the Wikipedia to explain it, as they whitewash it as would Google). And then pray to God to forgive all victims for permitting themselves to be misled. When they lose so do we all.

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