Many More Questions Than Answers

This was always a strange story. The contradictions were obvious, the reports were apparently steered towards the desired end.

My take?

The Leftists wanted to take the focus off Ashli Babbit’s death. The public was starting to gain support for asking some preliminary questions:

  • Exactly WHICH officer actually fired the shot?
  • What he ordered to, or did he panic?
  • Why can’t he be named, and the public be able to find out who he was, what his record looked like, and is there any indication that this was anything other than a tragic case of accidental shooting?

Where Sicknick is concerned, there are MANY questions, and they are being buried in a rush to label the Capitol crowd as murderers. Not an accident, but deliberate, 1st degree murder.

This is a good explanation of the facts and conflicting stories as they are currently known.

The most disturbing part? The body was cremated. No further forensic investigation can be done. And, we all know how easy it is to bury/fake documentation. And, witnesses.