Another Great Meme Edition

I love memes. The idea of using graphics and a little text to convey a complex idea is genius!

Face it – MOST people find it hard in GOOD times to follow an abstract analysis, a lengthy storyline, or a political plot. In times like this, with high stress due to the economy, personal financial concerns, fear of illness striking those we love, and worry about the direction of our country – well, I have found that I have trouble lately following along with non-fiction narrative. I’ve picked up several books about The Coup, background on the political shenigans of the Left, and other densely informative text, and, to be honest, I find my attention wandering.

No reflection on the books or articles. It’s me. I’m stressed enough to not be capable, right now, to handle the mental processes that it takes.

Things NOT related to our ongoing crises, even if technical, I can handle. I plowed through a lot of documentation on Linux over the last two days to finally solve the problems I was having installing the portable hard drive to my Pi system. Finally got it going yesterday afternoon!

So, it’s not a matter of mental deterioration. It’s just stress, which makes normal brain functions temporarily quite difficult. It doesn’t matter how much you rest or sleep – the wear and tear is on the executive functions of the brain.

Take away the stress, and, after a short while, you’ll be back to normal.

So, considering that most of us are mentally fatigued, here’s a link to some terrific memes from Powerline Blog.

And, just because, here’s the QR link – in case you want to print this out and send around the hard copy.