Keep an Eye on This Committee

It’s the Republican Study Committee, and it’s headed by Rep. Jim Banks of Indiana. I took a look at what they tweeted about the COVID spending, and it’s an eye-opener (hint: print out and pass around in public places – they may be able to keep us off social media, but – so far – they can’t stop us working from door to door).

Speaking of that suggestion above, keep in mind that MOST of what is posted on social media is ignored, or scanned over, and forgotten quickly. Only those things that are particularly funny or ‘fuzzy’ will be passed on widely.

So, that means that your impact is much greater when you are the one that is passing along those screenshots and short blurbs, with links attached. Here’s a short tutorial on how to add QR code access to your Word or other Office documents.

If you, like me, are using Freeware like LibreOffice (does almost all that MS Office does, at no cost, other than voluntary donations), here’s a link to get that access within LibreOffice. For other software packages, try a search with “QR codes in _________”, replacing the ____________ with the name of your preferred program.

And, for those not realizing the power of QR, what that does is give people a way to point their phone, IPad, or tablet camera at the code, and be instantly swept away to that associated link – from the HARD COPY of the code, as well as a screenshot of it.

That’s powerful. It means that relatively non-techy people – the kind who just use a few applications, and don’t understand the term, URL – can be linked to stories/videos/news reports that uncover the stories the media does NOT want them to have access to.

Here’s a QR code for the Republican Study Group site.

Try it – use your phone, take a picture, and be taken instantly to the site. (I’m assuming that you have a QR Reader installed on your phone). By making this in a printable handout, you can print out index card-sized handouts, and help people use them to spread the word around. Virtually ALL of the younger kids use them. And, as a side benefit, take the time to install an app on their portable device, that will allow them to point and go. It makes the process a lot easier for people to check out a link, and ease is the driving feature of spreading a meme or idea.