Caricature has become impossible:

     Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B brought the body to the Grammy Awards Sunday night.
     Megan Thee Stallion, coming fresh off her win for best new artist earlier in the evening, took the stage and gave a jaw-dropping performance for her hit singles, “Savage” and “Body.”
     Then Cardi B performed her song “Up,” alongside a giant stiletto. Just when you thought the heat was turned all the way up, the two artists performed their not-safe-for-work song, “WAP” on a super-sized bed.
     They gloriously twerked and strutted and owned the stage in Barbarella-esque outfits, referencing female empowerment, sexual pride and delivering undoubtedly one of the most memorable Grammy performances of all time.

     Great God in heaven! “Sex-positive?” In a world utterly saturated with pro-sexual messages – choose your preferred orientation; nothing is out of bounds any longer – what need have we for a couple of semiliterate savages to act out animalistic rutting on a giant stage?

     This sort of grotesquerie is making me wish for the return of the Grundies and decency committees.

     Ironically, the available statistics indicate that young people, both in America and throughout the rest of the First World, are less interested in sex than any previous generation. Might it be because literally wherever they turn, they’re confronted with “sex-positive” messages? Everywhere they look, someone is telling them to get out there and fuck!

     Sex. Sex and more sex. Not love. Love isn’t part of the message. Love would require seeing the other person as more than a collection of wet orifices. That’s way too advanced for our contemporary “artists.”

     The world is starved not for sex but for love, affection, and intimacy. Too many of our young people get plenty of “sex-positive” messages, but damned little love, affection, or intimacy. Yet those latter things are where we get the greater part of our sense of personal worth. Perhaps the “self-esteem” initiatives that saturated the schools a decade or two back were ignited by “educators” noting that deficit. However, it turned out that pseudo-psychological pablum is no substitute for genuine affection. Might as well get out there and rut your brains out, kids. Devolve to the level of the chimps; we’ve got nothing better for you.

     Yet CNN chose to praise this. I’m out of words, Gentle Reader. Is it too early to hit the Harvey’s?

     (See also this essay from nineteen years ago.)

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    • TheCaptain on March 15, 2021 at 2:17 PM

    When sex becomes public and ‘entertainment’, it will always turn squalid.  Sex is not for public consumption, it must remain private


    Or as Robert Pirsig wrote in Lila, When the biology trumps society, society loses…  Well something like that.

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