American Stasi

It’s been here for some time.

Those people who will ‘pile on’ when they detect the slightest disagreement with their views.

Or, when someone who is an easy target says or does ANYTHING.

Doesn’t matter what they say. Or DON’T say. Or if they apologize for clumsy wording, if it might be taken in an inoffensive way.

The lessons have been learned by Good Stasi and their Followers.

  1. Be quiet at all times – even when off-camera, with “friends”, or in the secrecy of your own room.
  2. If you DO talk, make sure you are not the first. Wait until an approved person speaks, clearly indicating what the approved viewpoint is.
  3. If the viewpoint changes in mid-sentence, switch with it. Never be caught expressing a newly-disapproved idea. It’s even worse than clinging to the old ideas.
  4. If caught speaking UnGood Thoughts, NEVER apologize. Instead, counter-attack, and hope you can swing some sentiment your way. A good counter-attack is to denounce that person attacking you as Even Worse. After all, surely they must have said or done SOMETHING in their life – or, in a pinch, be friends with or related to someone who did.
  5. Silence when a friend or family member is attacked is just as bad as open support; you must immediately leap to your feet, and denounce their heresy.

Folks, this is scary. It’s STARTING in the schools and social media, but it will not end there. We need to support – vocally, through media posts, and – if possible – through some donations – those who are being UnPersoned.

It’s past time to speak up. If you let these innocents be taken down, there LITERALLY will be no one to speak up for YOU.

We need not sift through the reputed words of those accused. A simple statement, based on principle, is:

“In America, we are free to say what we chose to – 1st Amendment”

Period. No limitations, other than actual lies (and, BTW, you are free to engage in slander, but there will be financial penalties). No exceptions for ‘Hate Crimes’ or ‘Racism’.


    • Kye on March 16, 2021 at 9:55 AM

    I think you mean “hate speech” not “hate crimes”, correct?   

    • Linda on March 16, 2021 at 12:10 PM

    Hate speech IS a hate crime.
    What is Hate Speech? Whatever they say it is.

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