The Antidote Is Practical Anarchism (UPDATED)

     The evidence has mounted to a conclusive level: the federal government is in the hands of persons who are utterly consumed by hatred of America.

     Any number of people would look at that statement and say “Yes, but what can we do about it?” Bookworm asks that question this very morning:

     So what happens when you have a situation such as the one we’re now facing, where not only are the Democrats triumphant, but Republicans have lost completes faith in the system because they believe, probably rightly, that the election was strongly affected by fraud? What happened wasn’t just any fraud, either. Jay Valentine calls it sovereign fraud, meaning that it wasn’t just random actors, but was a coherent government strategy from Democrats at every level of the government.

     However, she goes on to suggest that what we need is, in essence, “to behave like Leftists:” to find and follow a leader:

     Unfortunately, the only thing that will pull conservatives together at this point is a true leader. Trump, much as I love the man, is not a true leader. He is a systems man. In 2015, he realized there was something very broken with the American system and he tried his darndest to fix it. He had no idea he was swimming among sharks, and when he did realize that, he did not know how to handle the sharks. That’s part of why he lost the election. Now that Trump is down in Florida, he is making plans to get rid of his political enemies but he shows no sign of wanting to lead 80 million disaffected conservatives who feel utterly betrayed by the political system.

     But this is a terrible mistake, a perpetuation of the pre-World War I strategic conceptual envelope in which mass armies clash frontally until one or the other is exhausted or is broken. There is no future for the Right in such strategies. They require a characteristic we, by our very natures, do not possess: subordination.

     Leftists subordinate themselves willingly. That’s among their most prominent characteristics: the “follow the leader” mentality willing to swallow any lie and commit any infamy, no matter how outrageous, if it comes down from On High with the assurance that it will serve “the cause.” Only one willing to geld his own rationality – who will refrain from thinking when The Leader demands it – can accept such a regimen.

     The Left’s drive for the cartelization of the American economy – its coalescence from millions of small, mostly family-owned businesses into a couple of thousand mega-corporations – is inseparable from Leftist psychology and strategy. Remember “In capitalism, he who does not work does not eat; in socialism he who does not obey will not eat.” ¬– ? That came from Leon Trotsky, one of the Bolsheviks’ early theorists and leaders. He who is dependent upon a rigidly hierarchical employer for his sustenance – that’s about half the country at this time – swiftly learns to submit unprotestingly to direction. Decades of that can inculcate the habit of subordination, an actual need to be led, in anyone. It’s done so to a frightening percentage of our population, to the great benefit of the Left.

     What Americans who want freedom must do is diametrically the opposite of what Leftists do. We must reject the authority of the Usurper Regime.

     And why not? If the regime is illegitimate – if it literally stole its way into power, rather than winning fairly – then it has no legitimate authority. It possesses some enforcement power, which freedom-loving Americans must learn to evade and deflect, but no more right to govern than a foreign invader.

     This is easier said than done…yet it can be done. Moreover, when practiced by millions, it is unstoppable. A certain Mohandas K. Gandhi demonstrated that to considerable effect.

     The method is simple to summarize, but complex in execution. It requires:

  1. Identifying the mechanisms of authoritarian control,
  2. Separating ourselves from them,
  3. Going about our business as if they don’t exist.

     While there are hazards to doing this, the more of us proceed with it, the less they become. There are also sacrifices involved: sacrifices of accustomed conveniences, of established routines, and of a portion of our standard of living, which would hopefully be temporary.

     I’m moved to outline a program, something like a revolutionary manifesto. I shan’t do so here at Liberty’s Torch, as it would draw too much attention from “the wrong sort.” But I may do so, though my Gentle Readers are easily smart enough to work out the details for themselves.

     Don’t look for a Man on Horseback. Our best hope is in many millions of Americans deciding, as individuals, that regardless of what the Usurpers and their media handmaidens might say, they will live and work as free men. The question is whether enough of us still possess that will.

     UPDATE: Here’s a model to study and emulate! Remember that The Left is inherently hostile to fun:

     Americans are so fun-oriented that we devote whole industries to it, most emphatically including the video gaming industry. We even seek to make our work lives fun, to the extent that might be possible. My favorite source of business advice, Robert C. Townsend, put it this way:

     If you don’t do it excellently, don’t do it at all. Because if it’s not excellent it won’t be profitable or fun, and if you’re not in business for fun or profit, what the hell are you doing here?

(Granted that not much can be done for coal mining or grave digging. But note how such jobs are the ones most swiftly put to automated techniques.)

     So have as much of it as your body can stand!

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    • SWVaguy on March 17, 2021 at 7:03 AM

    I’m no paragon of intellect, just smart enough to know I ain’t that smart.  I was never afraid of the Sinovirus itself.  I was afraid what it would do to the supply chain.  Will our food, drugs and other essentials be delivered?  Turns out they were for the most part.  When I did get the virus, it was no worse than a mild cold.  Lots of sneezing.  Why?  I believe that my daily regimen of vitamins C and D, zinc, elderberry and vitamin B6 helped to maintain my immunity.  When one “study” showed that 83 percent of Sinovirus deaths were with people who had a vitamin D deficiency, it looks as if I did the right thing.

    I’m all for your recommendations Francis.  I’d like to see a multi-state coalition ignoring the edicts from Washington.  You can see some of that already in some states regarding liberalizing gun laws.  Speaking of guns, sales have increased greatly recently.  Legal gun sales, that is.  My Sig P365 is included in that increase, I’m sure.

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