China: It Ain’t Paranoia When They Are Out To Rule The World

Let me clear in stating, as I suspect most people agree, that Covid is not a myth.  Whether it’s natural or man-made – and I believe the latter – is still not determined as confirmed Truth.  Assuming my belief in Covid’s artificial origin is correct, we also don’t know with certainty whether this was an inadvertent escapee from a lab, or deliberately released.  Again, I lean towards the latter.

Consider the timing.

Trump was riding high.  Economic growth was strong.  Jobs were surging.  Black unemployment, Hispanic unemployment, women’s unemployment were all at or near historic lows.  The stock market was improving.  The trade imbalance with China was starting to shift back towards production in the US and even union workers were shifting to Trump as their jobs returned.  #blexit and #jexit and #lexit and #walkaway were all draining support from the Left’s traditional support groups. Trump’s economy was a juggernaut, a seemingly-unstoppable engine fueled by lower taxes, slashed regulations, and tariffs on foreign goods – particularly Chinese ones – to right this massive trade imbalance.

How better – hand in hand with the Democrats who hated Trump with the fury of a thousand suns – to knock him out from what, absent Covid, would have likely been a landslide-to-end-all-landslide victory?


Early in the pandemic, as news from China emerged about this, we saw videos of people laying dead in the street.  We saw videos of people walking and suddenly dropping in convulsions.  We saw videos of apartment building doors being welded shut to keep people from going out. Did we see similar incidents in the West? Anywhere? Bueller? Bueller?

Yet… flights from Wuhan to the world continued even as China stopped traffic from Wuhan domestically.  That’s not the mark of a “responsible” government trying to be a good actor in the world community.  That’s the hallmark of a government trying to spread something outside its borders while protecting its own.

Let’s leave aside the Democrats’ active complicity in the spread of this… in nursing homes, in encouraging participation & mingling in, say, the Lunar festival… ironically, a Chinese holiday.


So now India is getting slammed by Covid, India’s official Covid-19 death toll passes 200,000, which is not the “normal” virus but one with a triple – triple! – mutation.  One of my customers is in India and, in talking with my main contact, he said it’s very bad there.  He had it, for example, though he fortunately seems to be on the mend. (Another key player over there came down with a simultaneous case of Covid and Dengue Fever – I joked with them both that they’re not filling me with inspiration and desire to visit!)

But it seems to be rather, shall we say, coincidental that as a new and multiple-mutation virus variant is slamming India, China comes out saying this; As COVID Deaths Mount, China Tells India to Reverse its “Pro-US Diplomacy”:

As India reported a record number of Wuhan coronavirus cases for the sixth straight day, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has told the country to change its “pro-US diplomacy.”

On Tuesday, India reported over 320,000 new cases of the Chinese virus, taking the number of nationwide infections to 17.6 million — out of which 5 million were detected in April alone. With the massive coronavirus surge, the country struggles with a crippling shortage of vaccines, oxygen, and other medical supplies.

As the death toll from the Wuhan virus mounts, Communist China tries cynically to drive a wedge between India and the West.

“India should reflect on the course of its pro-US diplomacy over the years. It ought to rethink its return to strategic autonomy,” the CCP-run newspaper Global Times said in an editorial on Monday.

The Chinese editorial blamed India’s ordeal with the Wuhan pandemic on its pro-U.S. foreign policy and its hostile relations with Beijing. “Now India is bearing the disappointing consequences of its choice. At the very least, the strategic choice of leaning to the US to contain China is completely wrong,” the Maoist daily concluded.

China is weaponizing the global mayhem created by the Wuhan pandemic to attack and intimidate its Asian neighbors, including India. In May 2020, the Chinese military overran Indian border posts and occupied a strategic valley in India’s Kashmir region.


China and India have had clashes, including recently as noted in the quote just above.  India is, also, a huge military rival and potentially one of the few area powers that could seriously hinder China.  While the Chinese intrude into other nations’ fishing waters and seem on taking over the area by force majeure, and the Philippines and Vietnam object and vow resistance, does anyone think they pose a serious threat to the Chinese?  Taiwan and Japan are both justifiably nervous but, and I opine this as an admitted military-knowledge amateur, neither nation alone nor both working together could stop a determined China.  India, again with the disclaimer of amateur knowledge, has that potential.


So while China is flexing its muscles against its neighbors, I find the timing of India’s being hit by this variant to be very “timely” – not just in the damaging of India’s economy and in parallel its military capability, but doing so at a time when China has it’s puppet in the White House.

Remember that to a committed Socialist human life is nothing except as it serves the purposes of The State.  Remember also that the Chinese are perfectly willing to commit genocide as they are doing now against the Uighurs – who are, as I understand it and from a visual observation, far closer to the Chinese ethnicity than the Indians.  There are allegations they have been working to develop race-specific markers… say, has anyone examined this triple-variant to see if it is equally contagious in other races?  Or, comparatively, to people of Chinese origin?  (Asking for a friend.)


China developed this virus deliberately.  That they released it knowingly.  That they are working to develop ways to aim it at non-Chinese ethnicities.  And that, in their territorial ambitions, they are seeking to use the “oh isn’t it a shame you have this triple-variant virus” outbreak in India to simultaneously weaken their largest area rival as well as drive a wedge between that rival and its strong relationship with America.

If it turns out that this new variant is, indeed, Indian specific… well, that’s casus belli if I ever saw it. Never mind the broader implications of being able to fine-tune a pathogen so precisely.

The world is in for a death struggle.  And nobody’s coming out unscathed.


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    • Bill on April 28, 2021 at 2:33 PM

    Agree with all.
    Those determined not to believe will demur because of no “evidence”.
    The punishment for having common sense is having to watch the world burned by those who do not.

    • Seether on April 28, 2021 at 6:46 PM

    Reminds me of an excellent book I read some years ago where the ChiComs engineered a virus with racial gene markers to depopulate Africa of its native population. Can’t remember the name or author – thought it was by Crichton but my bookcase didn’t support the guess.  Of course with China having economically enslaved Africa already, they could hitch up the U-Hauls and move right in. The technology is there from what I’ve read. Likewise, because the experimental genetic therapy that folks are currently receiving in their arms also could carry markers from that treatment in their now modified cells, is it that much of a stretch for the industrious ChiCom collective to design a bio weapon that targets the recipients of certain vaccines? Just sayin’….

    • Brian on April 29, 2021 at 3:27 AM

    The linked article from FOX discusses the idea of China developing race-specific markers. I believe that a bioweapon targeting specific ethnic groups is possible. Let me be clear that I am no expert…BUT what I disagree with is that the Chinese are trying to develop a bioweapon specifically engineered to target “Americans.” Throwing aside the fact that anyone living in the Western Hemisphere is an “American,” I take this to mean that the Chinese are trying to target people from the United States. This is highly unlikely, given the fact that we are such a diverse population which incorporates every genetic/ethnic group from around the globe. There is no distinct “American” DNA since this is the New World and we didn’t spend tens of thousands of years in relative genetic isolation like, say, the Australian Aborigines or the San of the Kalahari. The Chinese are playing a dangerous game because…as the old saying goes “Two can play that game”…and being more genetically homogenous (they are far from being a “melting pot”) they would make a more vulnerable target to such a weapon. 

    • enn ess on April 29, 2021 at 1:26 PM

    It seems they have all bases covered, whether it be defending or offense from horseback, to artillery, to air power. From what I have read and herd about the Indian Army I would not want to be among their objectives, especially among the Pakistani objectives, and doubly so if their Gurka Regiments were unleashed  on you.

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