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I was born in the US.  I live in the US.  I expect to die in the US.  My father’s side of the family has multiple Revolutionary War ancestors, including one that crossed the Delaware with Washington that famous night.  Going further back I have one confirmed Mayflower ancestor and expect, if I can ever find the luxury of time, to confirm more.

But my mother’s side came through Israel (and, further back, Lithuania, Poland, and Belarus).  And as a Zionist Jew I often state that my soul lives over there.  One of my most prized possessions is a one shekel coin that I found – found in a parking lot less than five miles from where I live a few days after I confirmed my resolve to take my family to visit.  Talk about A SIGN. I had not been in over two decades, my wife and children never.  And there, on the ground as I was walking to my car, was a coin which is now on a necklace along with my Magen David (Star of David):



I give to US charities, of course, but I also support Israeli ones.  Ones such as:

The Lone Soldier’s Center

Israel Trees

Connections Israel

And Israeli businesses like Lev Ha’olam , the Judaica Web Store, and My Tree in Israel.  From the first I get bi-monthly packages, I buy waaaaaay too much from the second (including most of my wine), and at the last I’ve adopted olive trees to honor notables like President Trump, Bill Whittle, and Thomas Sowell.  As a thought, which I use for my own business, I adopt trees and have my company’s name on the bottles, so they make a nice corporate “give away” while at the same time being a tax write-off as a business promotional expense.



But now Israel is under attack from people whose very “holy” book states that it is their duty to destroy Jews and Israel.  Jew-hate is hard-coded into the Koran itself.  Thank Hashem Israel has Iron Dome, an anti-missile system that is working overtime to stop these attacks:



Still, hundreds of missiles have been fired at Israel in the last few days, ever since Israel’s court permitted private land owners whose legally-purchased buildings and property were seized illegally by Jordan in the 1948 war to evict the Arab squatters and “renters” who have not paid rent for years.  Excellent write-up at Lidblog (my bolding added for emphasis):

If you believe the mainstream media, the land dispute in Sheikh Jarrah (north of Jerusalem) is a case of those nasty Israeli Jews trying to evict Palestinians from their homes. The Biden re-Bama administration agrees. WH Spox Jen Psaki said the administration is concerned about the Israeli government tossing Palestinians out of their homes.  Allow me to put this dispute in basic terms.  Palestinian tenants on land owned by Jews aren’t paying their rent. After a few years of legal action, Israeli judges said it was okay for the landowners to toss the freeloaders out.

So, dear reader, this is an appeal (which I hope our gracious host will tolerate).  Please consider a donation to one of the three charities I mentioned, above, or go get a package subscription from Lev Ha’olam, or a purchase from the Judaica store, or adopt a tree (best olive oil I’ve ever had, which has been echoed by everyone to whom I’ve given bottles). 

And one last thought.  Imagine if this were Russia, and Ukraine was now launching missiles a to-scale hundreds of miles into Russian territory – something they’ve done with varying intensity for years if not decades.  Except… would Putin have let it continue for years if not decades?  It is to laugh, of course. Ukraine would be a smoldering ruin within a few days after the first such attack, let alone after years.


Update / added: I showed this video, below, to my kids. “Oooh, fireworks”! “No, these are missiles being fired by the hundreds by the Arabs at Israel”! (I have to be careful; although my nominally Muslim wife is very supportive of Israel, I can’t just come out and say IT’S THE F*CKING MUSLIMS!


Or, under any other President except the current FICUS, were Cuba to start launching missiles into the US that made it several states deep into the US? More broadly, would any world leader, of any nation, tolerate such?

So why is Israel expected to tolerate this? And more broadly, if we are to have any hope of some semblance of peace in the world, such aggression cannot be tolerated – especially not against an ally.

My thanks in advance for your reading this, and your consideration.


    • Robehr Orinsky on May 11, 2021 at 8:04 PM

    Kool ! The Iron Dome seems to be working in a miraculous way . Hmmmmmmmm?????? 

  1. I can vouch for the olive oil. Best I’ve ever had. I adopted a tree and plan to adopt again.

  2. @Robehr: At this rate better ramp up production of Iron Dome rockets.
    @Adrienne: Thank you for the second on the quality of the oil.

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