Church of the Covidian: Blank-eyed and Mindless

Revisiting my earlier post here, Church of the Covidian to post a stream-of-consciousness quick rant.

So I was at the local Whole Foods – I know, I know, but for reasons not to be gone into there are certain things I need supplement-wise that I cannot get elsewhere.  Anyway, I was wearing a mask “imperfectly” and the woman ahead of me in the checkout line, double-masked, said “Sir, please stand back”.  Then a few seconds later, she drew farther away as she realized my mask did not fully cover my nose.  “You’re not covered correctly”!

The cashier said “Sir, you need to put your mask on right”.

I called them cowards.  No reaction.  None.  Eyes blank. Not even a scintilla of ire at being insulted.

The cashier then said “It’s the law”.  (I wear a kippa; it was “the law” that people like me had to wear a yellow star, pack their bags as the locals screamed Jews get out! and so on.) Nor did the cashier react when I said “Oh, just following orders…” These are the same people that would turn in non-compliers in a cold second. The same people that would – and I fear will, mob-attack those not “of the body”.

If these people were told to pack their bags and go to the “Covid Safety Camp” they’d do it in a heartbeat.  They’re already injecting themselves with synthesized genetic materials – something that a person with even a scintilla of survival instinct would at least say WHOA! Let me investigate this first! but no.

Why no reaction?  They’re noble, moral, more educated and smarter and better people.  I’m the heretic putting their lives in danger! (Tack on as many exclamation points as you like.)

This is a religious war against people convinced they are doing RIGHT and GOOD in the world.  Remember, it was these same people who – convinced they were RIGHT and GOOD – have enacted every genocide to implement Socialism in the world.  They cannot be bargained with, they cannot be reasoned with… getting close to the moment when we all need to channel our inner Cloud William voice:

“We do not talk to Kohms; they are only for killing.”

Alas, my beloved country.



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  1. Thumb up in absence of a like plug-in.

  2. Eloquently put. The reference to The Neurenberg Defense and how it got rise out of them is priceless.Kudos to you.

  3. @Yankee: Except it did NOT get a rise out of them.
    Utter blank stare.  I might as well have been talking Urdu or Swahili.

  4. Hello, I used my smartphone to post, and am scratching my head about it, wondering if big brother in Silicon Valley is messingg with us, because what I sent was how the Neurenberg Defense allusion didn’t get a rise, which is very telling as to the state of introspection ( and especially lack thereof) with the sheeple we are surrounded by. What got to the reply board was substantially different. Go figure.

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