Oh (my G-d), Canada

I have made the acquaintance of a number of Canadian patriots over the last couple of years.  I will occasionally send them links specific to Canada, chat, email back and forth, and have been getting to know one particular person in more depth through many discussions. This person has been very active in fighting the mask requirements, the increasingly-draconian vaccine pushing for Jabs (e.g., enticing 12 year olds with free ice cream), the creeping tyranny up there, e.g., the on-the-highway arrest of a Catholic priest for the crime of daring to worship G-d, not The State’s mandates.  (This brave man, who grew up in Poland, knows first-hand what Communism is and has been vocal about warning about the coming tyranny.)

This patriot was, for example, the one who send me the video about the camp in Hamilton, ON, which I posted in this piece earlier at this site.  (Please note, in full disclosure, that I have their permission to discuss them – anonymously – as well as cite our communications.)

So it happened that we were discussing election fraud, and I asked how – how in the Seven Hairy Hells –that putz Trudeau got re-elected.  Oh, I can fathom to some extent how he got elected the first time: voter inattention, nostalgia (huh?) for his father, and so on.  Plus, visually, my personal take is that his appearance could have some kind of charismatic appeal even if, personality-wise, he’s a nightmare.  But re-elected?  This is, verbatim, their reply:

He didn’t get re-elected, it was rigged. I watched it happen.

For the federal election, I didn’t expressly see ballot boxes being carted in (although I heard rumors and it wouldn’t surprise me) – but it was definitely death by a thousand cuts.

They did very obviously rig the Conservative leadership election – there were more ballots cast than conservative party members. And then multiple candidates requested a recount, and the Conservative party destroyed the ballots instead of doing the recount. This story, stating exactly that, was covered by the MSM for crying out loud! Maxime Bernier was in the lead for party leadership in every round up until the last round, when he “lost” by something like 1%. Great leader, common sense conservative policies; if he had gotten the leadership, he’d be the Prime Minister of Canada right now.

But instead, they installed weak globalist Andrew Scheer, who I liked at first for his free speech support but he bailed on that really quick. So Maxime Bernier started a new party, the People’s Party of Canada. So a ton of conservative voters who liked his policies didn’t want to “split the vote” and stuck with the globalist Conservative party. But it was so much more than that.

Our sitting government made up new rules to ban Maxime Bernier from multiple federal debates. And he was completely smeared by the MSM as a Nazi. In MSM interviews where he did well – there was one with the Toronto Star, another I think with the CBC – they went and set the video to “private” on youtube so it couldn’t be found in search. And he and his candidates were censored and shadow banned on social media.

The Conservatives (or Liberals?) planted fake candidates who ran with the PPC and then quit and went public about “racism” in the party. They had them quit just after the deadline to run new candidates so that they couldn’t be replaced.

Someone hacked into the PPC email account and sent out a fake racist email to turn candidates and supporters against them; that was also covered by the MSM. The RCMP confirmed and announced that they were investigating.

They found another man with the name Maxime Bernier and ran him for Canada’s Rhino Party – it’s a satirical political party – in Maxime Bernier’s home riding so that his supporters would get confused and vote for the wrong guy by mistake.

And then there was a bunch of BS about how you had to use pencils on the ballots, when that’s not true. And I saw reports about a LOT of extra ballots being printed, far more than voters. And they sent voter cards to non-citizens. Oh, and not IDing voters. The Rebel did a story where their reporter, a full grown man, went and voted while wearing a burka. No one IDed him.

Oh, and Elections Canada got complaints about fraudulent voting (people voting multiple times) and refused to investigate.

And on elections night, the MSM turned off the comments on youtube because everyone commenting was shocked at the results.

So yeah. Canadians are very weak and very Marxist, but we’re not THAT stupid. They had to pull out all the stops to get Trudeau in and even then they couldn’t give him more than a minority because it would be too obvious that he didn’t win.

This person is in the process of attempting to flee Canada, including sundering their relationship with their spouse, because of the coming tyranny up there.  Consider this: in Ontario they’re handing out tickets for shaking hands.  A $1400 fine for shaking hands.  And then there’s the proposed sweeping censorship.

Said person’s spouse doesn’t see it coming and their relatives are all Covidians too.  (My wife, too, thinks I’m “paranoid” despite her growing up in the USSR and her own ethnicity’s history with Communism –1/3 of the Kazakhs being starved to death, just like the Ukrainians.)


Ronald Reagan once recounted how a Cuban refugee, in hearing people talk about how lucky we in the US were, said “You’re lucky?  I had somewhere to escape to”.

I live in New Hampshire, a state where the natives and RED-blooded immigrants like myself are desperately trying to maintain its Conservative character in the face of migration by blue-state residents who come here and then want to change here to be like there.  For example, this charmer who ended up fleeing back to Calif*ckistan; That Was Quick: Cali-Progressive Gracie Gato Leaves New Hampshire to Go Back to LA.

But we see this phenomenon everywhere.  Liberals migrate in, fleeing the policies and environments of where they left, but then work to change HERE to be like THERE:



A tale told me by Adrienne was of a California family that came up to take advantage of the cleaner air, lower crime, etc., of the locale where Adrienne lives… and this past election had a Biden sign out.

So we face a trinary choice:

1. Submit, be subservient, knowing that sooner or later even groveling & mewling acquiescence will not be enough.

2. Flee – but to where?  And know that fleeing / separation (as Surak often discusses) is only a temporary palliative as the in-migration and infiltration will resume anew.  There is no way the Left will permit a peaceful separation between them and those whom they view as heretics.  Just as Islam views infidels as being in the “House of War” so too do liberals view anyone to the Right of Stalin.

3. Stand and fight, first by words but prepare for much more.  Alas.

The line must be drawn, here, now… alliances forged, plans made, and minds, bodies, and weapons prepped… or we will sooner or later have nowhere to fall back to.



One of the charities I support in Israel plants trees.  Its motto is ZO ARTZEINU – “This is our land”.  The same applies here.  America is my land.  I will not cede it, for if America falls, even Israel, where my soul lives, will soon cease to be a refuge.

Here.  Now.  For America, for the Constitution, for Liberty.  And more broadly, for Western Civilization.



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  1. Regardless of what you read and see about Canada there are several points to remember. 
    1st, as the author indicates, the elections are always gamed and the uniparty is especially strong up here. 
    2nd, short of a violent revolt, there is no possibility in changing the gamed system. 
    3rd, in spite of massive efforts by the powers that be, there is a slowly strengthening dissident undercurrent that will erupt like Mount St Helen’s in the near future.  It is unlikely that the eruption will be a left/socialist driven push. 
    4th, the insurrection will be a largely urban/rural confrontation and the main rural forces will be younger people, 18 to 35.  I suspect the outcome will be that the urban capitulate once the energy and possibly water is cut off from the urban centers as the rural control all of these resources. 

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