Something to Bookmark for the Next Time ‘Climate Change’ is Brought Up

The phrase “anthropomorphic activity” is often used in the Leftist push to decrease the number of those Wretched Humans (Non-Elite), and their Disgusting Activities (those that help them survive and thrive).

But, what does that even mean?

Anthropomorphic activities are those that MIGHT lead to increased free carbons in gaseous form:

  • Driving a combustion-powered vehicle, whether for pleasure or necessity
  • Living in a comfortable home, heated/cooled with petrofuels
  • Eating high on the food chain (mmmm, MEAT!)
  • Breathing
  • Procreating – at least, the Natural Way – M-F interactions, unimpeded by contraceptive means. Ironically, the Not-Natural Lab Facilitated Process may involve more energy – it DEFINITELY involves more money and time.
  • Laying down the infrastructure to make it easier for the NON-Elite to travel, whether for work or pleasure – a BAD thing
  • Giving road priority to human-powered vehicles (which inhibits travel by the poor, the old, and those caring for minor children)
  • Limiting the number of homes that will be occupied by the Non-Elite, through zoning rules
  • Imposing fuel emission standards that limit the capability of poorer people to own a car

Are you seeing a trend? Elites want to rid the world of those ‘yucky’ peons.

For their own good, of course.

It’ s a hard thing to push back against popular/trendy beliefs, particularly when the Elite have a vested interest in making sure that their view prevails. That’s why the truth about COVID was so difficult to get traction – the Elite were working overtime to make sure that the message did not escape the confines of their Echo Chamber.

For another example of one of those popularly-believed tropes:

Were the National Parks segregated? According to The Grist, absolutely. According to them, it’s why Black people don’t go outside for fun.

But, the truth is more complicated. One of those many times that you have to answer, Yes, But. No, the Non-Dixie national parks were NOT segregated, so that is a clear overstatement of the reality. Not uncommon when Leftists try to make a point; they generalize and exaggerate.

So, like many claims from Leftists about America’s history, it’s a straight-out LIE, wrapped in a tissue-thin covering of truth.

And, to clarify more, no, Black people DO enjoy the outdoors. It’s just that they are less likely to travel to Official Parks to do so. They gather in large numbers (well, when not under COVID restrictions) at summer picnics, family reunions, boating, and hunting/fishing (yes, Black people do BOTH – trust me, I live in a part of the country with LOTS of Black people).