Bill Whittle on The Narrative: The origins of Political Correctness.

This link is to Mr. Whittle’s superb video on political correctness and the astonishing disease dreamed up and loosed upon America by the Frankfurt School.

Marxism and socialism were subversive and wrong on their own merits but the Frankfurt School devised a way of looking at America that enshrined the Big Lie. Simple matters such as identifying body parts have become blindingly “controversial” and if the hopes of young women of outstanding athletic ability get destroyed where are the loudmouthed zealots of the “women’s” movement?

Utterly deceitful in every comma and preposition, political correctness and the totalitarian agenda behind it now dominate the American political culture. Political correctness is a loathsome revolutionary “contribution” and no decent man or woman should advance its agenda. “Propositional nation,” “living Constitution,” “open borders,” “diversity, and “white suprmacism” are all concepts that are integral to the destructive agenda of left and are nothing but pure poison.

Note that attempting to embed the link to this video using YouTube’s own code yields only a page that says the content is “age-restricted” (there being nothing in the video remotely justifying such a designation) and that it must be viewed on YouTube itself.