The Deep State at work.

The Deep State, or whatever you want to call the ruling oligarchy controlling the levers of society, have been able to deflect responsibility for the current state of affairs by having their captured media mouthpieces deny their existence and classify those of us who call out their misdeeds as conspiracy theorists. [1]

There’s a second part to this article showing, part, “how the Deep State weaponized the Covid virus to implement their reset agenda. This weaponization seems blindingly obvious now with the enormously destructive lockdown mania, constant pushing of the vaccine, infection and death rates manipulated out the wazoo, and the hyper-energetic demonization of the discussion of simpler and more effective alternative treatments. It sure looks like desperation to advance and scotch tape together the rotten agenda of the Deep State.

[1] “There Are No Solutions.” By Administrator, The Burning Platform, 5/31/21.