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     Now and then it all becomes too terribly clear:

     Chapman University in California is having segregated “Cultural Graduation” ceremonies including “Black Graduation,” “APIDA Graduation,” “Lavender Graduation,” “disability Graduation,” “Middle Eastern Graduation,” and “Latinx Graduation.”

     The segregated ceremonies, which will be taking place in addition to the main commencement, will take place on July 30, July 31, August 1, August 6, August 7, and August 8.

     “Cultural graduation celebrations are additions to the university-wide commencement ceremony, students are free to register for these additional celebrations to share the joy of graduation with their friends and family if they choose to,” a post on the college’s Cross-Cultural Center’s Instagram stated.

     America’s universities have been in the vanguard of the new segregationists since the beginning of the trend. Thus, the above isn’t really much of a surprise. But the self-congratulating blatancy of it is stunning even so.

     However, your Curmudgeon (as usual) has a suggestion for how these “cultural graduation ceremonies might be appropriately enhanced. Commencement ceremonies have traditionally been accompanied by a pamphlet that lists the names of the graduates, and cites those who’ve earned particular honors. How about:

  • Next to each graduate’s name, include his class rank and his final grade-point average;
  • If a graduate has failed to keep up with his college bills, list his arrears to his name as well;
  • Single out any graduates who’ve had run-ins with the law during their undergraduate years.

     Surely, in these days of moral and cultural relativism, no one could object to having all that information in the commencement pamphlet! And think how useful it would be to potential employers…not to mention process servers, bounty hunters, and police departments.

     A tangent: Despite the accelerating trend toward separating the races at ceremonies of this kind, we have yet to hear calls for separate white, black, Asian, and Latino valedictorians. I can’t imagine why. If race is to be made the central aspect of everything in society, surely we shouldn’t avert our eyes from such an equalizing measure. Of course, there would be talk…especially if the white or Asian valedictorian’s final GPA were 4.00 while that of the black or Latino valedictorian is 2.75. But these trifles should not unduly obstruct the celebration of achievement! After all, the races and ethnicities have different “learning styles,” don’t they? It’s all part of celebrating our gloriously diverse American multiculture, right?

     Read Facing Reality. Read it!

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  1. MLK JR. – for all his faults – is spinning in his grave at hyper-luminal speeds.


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