Pearls of expression.

On the topic of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace views on equity and antiracism in nuclear policymaking:

So, nuclear power is now racist. Poor [Deputy Russian Foreign Minister Sergei] Ryabkov, poor [Russian Foreign Minister Sergey] Lavrov–now you understand why Lavrov is a chain smoker? You would become one when you have to deal with woke imbeciles who have nuclear weapons and nuclear power at their disposal–a classic case of a monkey with a grenade. I am sure they need diversity officers on US Navy’s SSBNs of Ohio-class and operators of US nuclear power stations should only be judged and allowed to carry out their duties at the controls of nuclear power stations only after they pass Critical Race Theory exam, which, of course, automatically opens many vacancies for “diverse voices”. The US is becoming a third world country with an astonishing speed. So, famous Lavrov’s meme is perfectly applicable to this situation.

I’m not sure what Mr. Martyanov means by Lavrov’s meme. Perhaps he means Putin’s assertion that the U.S. is not agreement capable but I suspect Martyanov would not make such a mistake.

I like the Andrei Andreevich Gromyko’s “famous dictum that ten years of negotiations is better than one day of war” that is referred to earlier in the post. Personally, I don’t enjoy looking at photos or stills of any of the wars of the last century. The suffering, death, and absolute idiocy are unpleasant to contemplate now. But the fools that run this country are twice as reckless and stupid as the men who started WWI. That slaughter means precisely nothing to our morons. Not to mention the unnecessary slaughter of the War for Southern Independence.

[1] “And So It Starts.” By Andrei Martyanov, Reminiscence of the Future…, 6/23/21.