Today’s Democrats

     This was recorded in the Ohio House of Representatives:

     That’s today’s Democrat legislators for you. No one who opposes their agenda, or who dares to impede the agenda of any of their mascot groups, shall be permitted to speak – or to be heard. I favor expelling them all from every position of trust at any level of government – and then publishing their records and whereabouts for the benefit of the general public. How many of them would still be in favor of defunding the police after that?


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    • furball321 on July 1, 2021 at 9:38 AM

    OFF-TOPIC: Fran, I mentioned in a comment last week that I had purchased “In Vino,” but that I wanted to read the earlier three volumes in the series to refresh my memory.

    I’ve read the earlier volumes and this morning, I’m a third of the way through “In Vino.” And I just read a passage featuring Holly, Rowenna, Father Ray and Father Domenico.

    The whole series brings me joy, Fran. I love the characters and the stories. But this passage made me smile so much that I had to let your blog readers know that I *really* like your writing and recommend it heartily.

    It’s a little off the beaten path but very readable, and very satisfying. To any readers here who haven’t read any of Fran’s fiction, I suggest you give “Chosen One” a try.


    Fran, before you changed the format here, I was able to “log in” and comment. Now, it seems I have to provide my name and email address each time I comment. Yet I notice Pascal and others can comment with their avatars showing. Am I missing a button or something where I can log in to comment?

  1. I’m not sure, Fur. I’ll have to check what’s been updated lately.

  2. How very Khrushchev of them.  Then they send the Howler Monkey in Chief up with the Point of Order, because to tell her to shut up and sit down would be racist.


    It will be sad to lose some allies on our side, but all of these people should be swinging from lampposts.

  3. Un-blankety-believable.

  4. @furball321

    I suspect my avatar show up because I registered it at Gravatar many years ago. I’m sure you can do the same. Bonus: It appears to show up at all Disqus related sites as well since then.

    This link provides you some useful information.

    Good luck.

    • furball321 on July 2, 2021 at 11:14 PM

    Thanks, Pascal. That looks like it would bring my avatar across, but would not address the need to supply my name and email for every comment.

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