Corporate Misbehavior

     “A corporation has neither a body to be kicked nor a soul to be damned.” – Isabel Paterson

     There’s quite a lot of it, these days. It’s damnably difficult for ordinary citizens to do anything about, too. But then, that’s what the corporate form was intended to facilitate.

     The corporation, you see, is a fiction created by governments. It exists to shield individuals from the consequences of their wrongdoing through the transfer of liability from the individual actors to the corporation itself – and what can we do to a corporation? Fine it?

     But there’s worse than that. Corporations can be put to the service of the State. The recent discovery that the Usurper Regime has been forwarding articles to Facebook to be censored makes it plain that the Usurpers are determined to get around that annoying First Amendment protection of free speech. If they can’t do it themselves for Constitutional reasons, they can enlist their pals at Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube – which is exactly what they’ve been doing.

     And there’s even worse than that. Consider the Fourth Amendment:

     The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

     It would seem that that would protect us against being forcibly vaccinated, wouldn’t it? It would constitute a forbidden “seizure” of our persons, so the Usurpers can’t do it directly. But they can induce corporate employers to do it. Eric Peters puts it thus:

     And it is no longer merely the law that is the violator of natural rights. Corporations are now arguably a much greater threat to them since they aren’t even obliged to pass laws for that purpose. They can postulate policies – and these have the force and effect of laws in a system such as ours, because corporations control practically all employment and the peripheral things that are necessary to employment, such as banks – without which it is rather difficult to get paid by a corporate employer or even do business independently of corporate employment.

     If these corporations set forth a policy that everyone who is employed by the corporation or wishes to do business with the corporation must provide proof they have been injected with whatever they say people must be injected with, then it becomes extremely difficult for most people to decline to be injected because most people have to work in order to live.

     And they have to work – to the end of their lives – because of the government, which steals a third to half of what they earn and then steals more, endlessly, in the form of such things as what are styled “taxes” applied to their very homes, such that they can only remain in those home so long as they continue paying the “taxes” – which obliges almost all of them to work until they die. Which applies tremendous economic pressure to submit to whatever the corporations that employ the majority of them require they submit to.

     With more than half of America’s working population employed by the largest 3000 corporations, that’s a lot of “delegated coercion” for any purpose – and the Usurpers know how to apply the thumbscrews to corporate managements that might prove reluctant to go along. Consider how hard it would be to get by if you were denied all access to banks and banking services. It would be even tougher for any business.

     Expect this to be the method by which the Usurpers compel Americans to accept “the Jab.” Indeed, it’s already in progress.

     What, then, must we do? The corporate form is deeply embedded in the world economy. Its utility to would-be tyrants is evident. Just going into business for yourself won’t shield you from the ubiquity of corporate power. How, for example, would you pay your bills or process payments made to you? How would you buy medical insurance if no provider would willingly sell it to you?

     Michael Milken saw what looked like the beginning of a way out: the use of high-yield (a.k.a. “junk”) bonds by corporate workforces to buy out their corporate managements. He got a ten-year prison sentence and a $650 million fine for his efforts. The Powers That Be, which include a hefty fraction of corporate CEOs and board chairmen, would not allow the upstart Milken to displace them from their privileged perches.

     It’s beginning to look pretty bleak. Even stocking up on food, precious metals, and ammo won’t be enough, should matters go any further.

     What else is there to do but pray?