An Observation or Two on Jab Mandates

This weekend we went on a hike with the wife’s BFF and fam.  The hubby, with an air of devotion to the Covidian Cult, again wore his “Science will win” shirt (above the pharma company logo), which was the subject of discussion by he, his wife, and my wife at lunch.  I kept my mouth shut.  Not that I agreed with a word of the discussion, of course.  Why silent?  I had recently been reminded of an expression that I thought had tremendous import:

You cannot make a man see something when his income depends on his not seeing it.

And this guy’s income (not to mention profit-sharing, which I will guess will be monstrous-big), absolutely depends on his not seeing any risk at all with The Jab.  During a discussion a day or so prior he said he’d volunteered his own progeny to be guinea pigs for his employer to test the Jab at younger ages but they weren’t selected.  The BFF wants to travel, and so has zero objection to synthesized genetic material being injected so she can get on a plane and traaaaavel.  (In parallel, another parent whose kid is a friend of our kids’ cannot wait until the age is dropped so their kid can get the Jab as well… though to cede a point, that parent’s spouse is from India and has had so many calls from there about yet another dead relative they dreaded – and still dread – answering any call from “back home”.) 

I am not proud of this moment, but I had a momentary flash of white-hot ill will towards all their children, wishing that they develop some kind of permanent – possibly even lethal – side effect within days or even hours of getting the Jab.  Understand, they’re all great kids, and I don’t want the stupidity of their parents visited on them.  But the parents have survived their Jabs, and time is ticking away on approval for younger kids.  The same is true for a flash of raw hate for the parents at the same time – looking at them, preening with self-smugness at their fellow cult members, I looked at them and really hoped that ADE would catch up with them or, having to have their boosters, would have an adverse reaction. Or catch a truly wild version and die, despite their vaccination, as the animals in testing did.

Again, not that I truly wish them harm or death… but better that it happen to them than my own kids.

Circling back to Rule 3 (“circling back” – you see what I did there?) there a modification that comes to mind on the above quote:

You cannot make a man see something when his sense of himself as a good / intelligent / educated / caring person depends on his not seeing it.

And this is the problem we face.  We are told to believe the experts/science, and most – not understanding the issues or actual data – eat it up.  We are captive to dread, the fear porn that’s been pumped into us non-stop by the enemedia.



So Biden’s certainly open to a national mandate for the Jab, particularly if/when full approval is given.  Countries all over the world are seeing protests, increasingly violent, against Vaxports for functioning in society (video at the link) even as companies roll this out Fascism-like.  “Private enterprise” and all. The guillotines seen in France, for example, do not seem to be giving Marcon et al even a moment’s pause. Somehow I doubt the fatality in Germany recently as police cracked down will either. They are as bent on needles in arms as Sauron was on regaining the One Ring.

There is also talk of the Jab, or at least Pfizer’s, being fully approved as early as next month.

But I don’t think this will be enforced by troops coming to your door, at least not at first.  No, the Globalists are far more subtle.  Remember, they’ve been planning this for decades.  They have plans within plans within plans… you will be confronted by Covidians you know.  Family, friends, co-workers, or others close to you who lovingly express their concern for you – people who “care about you and want what’s best for you”.  In other words, this will be an intervention about your “vaccine hesitancy” and not believing The Science. Anything you say, any response or information or websites or whatever, will be dismissed with syrupy words and assurances that the Jab is Safe and effective.  You will be – see Step 7, below – subject to veiled threats to your family status.  If you have young children those threats will, especially in light of the pending full approvals of the Jab, be clear (bolding added):

If the person refuses treatment, relationships with friends and family must change. … Be clear that there will be consequences if the person refuses help.

Also see Step 9 (bolding added):

While television nearly always shows the person at the center of the intervention accepting help, this is not always the case in real life. Even with a well-planned intervention and clear offers of help, the individual may not accept help for a variety of reasons. If they do not, then follow through on the outlined consequences.

All accomplished, not through direct orders from the hierarchy, but implanted drip-drip-drip through social media and enemedia astroturf starting to promote the idea that to save your “vaccine hesitant” loved ones, you need to stage an intervention.



Many discuss forceful resistance.  This man, in a video that’s gotten a lot of OOOH-RAH attention, has done so simply and plainly,

You going to shoot your brother or sister, parent, child, or spouse?  Your close friend or spouse’s best buddy?  In front of their kids who, having been Jabbed as well, have been brought with specifically to plead with you to get it?  Please please please we just want you to live! We’re afraid for you if you don’t!  (Don’t think they won’t bring children precisely for the heart-strings tug effect!)  Your long-time co-workers?  Your preacher/priest/rabbi/whatever along with other long-time-known members of your congregation?

All – ALL – pleading, begging you, Please please please just do this because we care so much about you!  And look, they brought the Jab with them for you to accept the Covidian Sacrament right then and there.  How convenient.  Just roll up your sleeve, we really care about you, you can do it right now! Please keep us in your lives, because if you won’t convert get vaccinated, we can’t stay married / be friends / live with you / etc.

Only if you refuse will the velvet glove get pulled off, and threats to your family and friendships and other relationships be carried out.  Then they will go full Fascist on you – damn you Dershowitz – with soldiers breaking down the door.  The Jab must go into every living human arm.  The depopulators have spoken (and understand that they don’t care if you die from the Jab or resisting it – they just want you to die).  And all those who aided and were complicit in this will either mourn that you were “so far gone into the anti-vax cult, having been fed lies and misinformation” that you resisted unto death, or will bask in the glow of your having finally accepted the Jab as your personal Lord and Savior

Regardless of the means, they will push this into you and do so with the approval of their consciences.  And if you do die resisting they will mourn, but it won’t be your passing but simply their failure in doing good for you over your objections. Only when the predicted Great Dying starts will they realize you were right.

Too late.


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    • Surak on August 2, 2021 at 5:43 PM

    Excellent. To be linked at the Surak blog.

    • robert orians on August 2, 2021 at 5:59 PM

    Never mind that tiny portion of a babies life that went into making that jab to save your life huh ? Resist we must ! One day I will walk through not the Valley of Death but the Valley of the Shadow of Death . It is only a shadow and I am not afraid . There will be a light on the other side to guide me . 

    • SWVaguy on August 3, 2021 at 6:55 AM

    When this panic first started, I wasn’t afraid of the gift from the Chinese.  I was very concerned, however, about the supply chain getting disrupted, so I bought as much non-perishable food as the old budget would allow.  Never allowed it to keep me and the wife from seeing our grandson.
    Also did some research about maintaining your immune system, from more than one source and found out about vitamins C and D, zinc and elderberry.  Been on that regimen since the early days.  Had covid back in December with almost no symptoms.  Coincidence?  Being 71 yrs old, I kinda doubt it. 
    Getting the jab is out of the question.

    • George True on August 3, 2021 at 10:40 AM

    Excellent summary of their plan.  You left out the most important step, though.  And that is, getting the death jab will become a condition of continued employment.  We are already seeing this now.  Not only government agencies, but public corporations and private companies large and small are now announcing that all employees must be vaccinated by a certain date or they will lose their job.
    See how that works?  The Gummint does not even need to issue a mandate when they can get your employer to do it for them.  And now some federal judge has ruled that it is ‘legal’ for them to do so.  Get the jab or lose your income – that is the choice they are forcing every working stiff into.  
    It is just about time that those in government who are forcing this choice on everyone be introduced to Mr Rope and Mrs Lamp Post.  (Some assembly required.)

  1. October 2020 – This Means That No Vaccine Can Be Found: “An analysis of more than 50,000 real-life SARS-CoV-2 genomes isolated from patient samples further showed that most of these virus mutations were already circulating, albeit at very low levels in the infected human populations. These results show that SARS-CoV-2 can mutate its spike proteins to evade antibodies, and that these mutations are already present in some virus mutants circulating in the human population.”
    It doesn’t matter if you’re vaccinated or not, if you don’t have natural T-cell immunity, you’re screwed.
    So what happens is that the vaccinated filter out those viruses for which they have immunity, leaving the rest alone to replicate – so they get sick and maybe die, from the virus to which they are *not* immune.
    “All systematic evaluations of seroprevalence data converge that SARS-CoV-2 infection is widely spread globally. Acknowledging residual uncertainties, the available evidence suggests average global IFR of ~0.15% and ~1.5-2.0 billion infections by February 2021 with substantial differences in IFR and in infection spread across continents, countries and locations.”

    • ontoiran on August 3, 2021 at 3:09 PM

    he said he would kill anyone who tried to force it on him

  2. There’s a big push-back in France – the national firefighters union has announced that it will stage a general strike until the vaccination passport is dome away with – see

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