You Can Extend this Thinking, and it Would STILL be True

The Truth About Bums.

It’s true of many things. If you think about it, avoidance of realizing that Truth is the Foundation of Progressivism.

Most people are responsible for much of what happens to them in life. Now, some events in life are random – being the victim of a crime.

Really? Because, although there are people who just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, many, if not most of the victims have what the lawyers might call Contributory Negligence:

  • They deliberately go to a part of town that has a higher number of crimes, at the times when those crimes are most often committed.
  • They are chemically altered during the event. This renders them less able to determine that a crime might be eminent, or in progress, until it is too late.
  • Their friends are criminals, or morons. Criminals attract other criminals, and violent attacks are often the result. If they are morons, they will insult criminals (don’t do that, criminals are notoriously touchy about personal insults), hit on their girlfriends, or puke inconveniently close to one of them.
  • They will carry large quantities of cash, or make purchases in an ostentatious way that indicates their credit cards might have high limits.
  • They date drama queens. Really. Girls with attitude, whose mouth doesn’t seem to have a ‘close feature’.

Same thing with finance. No, it’s not your fault that the business you work for shut down, but it IS your fault that you didn’t have a ‘rainy day fund’ – some source of access to cash to get you through lack of cash flow.

It IS your fault that you live in homes you can’t afford, filled with furniture that cost too much, wear clothes that are the latest – and most expensive, and drive an oversized car that is leased.

It IS your fault that you have constructed a house of cards, in which the slightest disruption to the structure will bring the entire thing crashing down on you.

For such people, handing them the money to temporarily solve their problems only leads to them coming back later for more cash. There is no hope that they will learn from the experience, and CHANGE THEIR WAYS.

All of which makes them BUMS.