Outrages To Be Watched For

     You may already have read about this story:

     As previously reported, Rebecca Firlit, a Chicago mother, said that a Cook County judge took away her parental rights for not getting the COVID vaccine – the judge then reversed the order after his decision garnered media attention.

     The 39-year-old mother said that the Illinois judge asked her whether or not she had gotten the COVID vaccine during an August 10 hearing.

     She responded by saying that she had not due to prior bad reactions with vaccines.

     Cook County Judge James Shapiro then stripped the mother of all her parenting time with her son.

     Now, Cook County, Illinois is America’s capital of legislative and judicial corruption. Nothing that could happen there could surprise me. But this Shapiro character has made a suggestion-in-passing to other left-inclined “jurists,” and we should not be surprised if they act upon it. In my best fake Rod Serling voice:

Imagine, if you will, a world in which Family Court judges can deprive parents of their parental rights for disagreeing with the “authorities” – or with the judge – about prophylactic medical treatments such as vaccinations – not when choosing them for their children, but for themselves.

     Family Courts are extra-constitutional. Their judges routinely ignore the Constitution and its constraints and get away with it. Stephen Baskerville has documented hundreds of such cases. He wrote about some of the most egregious in his book Taken Into Custody. It’s not unthinkable that activist judges might see Shapiro’s ruling as a signpost to be guided by.

     But do get a good night’s sleep.

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    • NITZAKHON on September 2, 2021 at 6:21 PM

    There have been, alas, a few times when I’ve contemplated filing for divorce.  One time, sans TMI, I’d actually gone to a lawyer and had a divorce petition drafted.  I was perhaps a week or so away from pulling the trigger and, fortunately, my wife pulled out of the behavior patterns she was in.


    Similarly, now.  Again without TMI, there are some significant issues and while I’d love to go to marriage counseling, that’s not in her character / culture.  I did recently talk to a lawyer again and one of the issues would be that I haven’t been Jabbed.  (Never mind that, in NH, the woman has a running head start in such matters.)


    My blogging, too, would be discovered, and my hoarding (prepping) and being a lunaticgunnut would also be liabilities.


    If it came to it the one big asset for me would be that the kids are scared of her temper.  Very scared.  (To the point where if I’d known she had that nuclear a temper I’d not have married her.)

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