You Thought It Was Just A Gaffe, Didn’t You?

     Not only wasn’t it a gaffe, it goes all the way to the top:

     So I saw this clip circulating the Twitter interwebs (I don’t think that’s a word but it’s funny to say when referencing the Internet – makes me feel like I’m 90) of Miguel Cardona, President Joe Biden’s Education Secretary, in which Cardona suggests that parents should not be the “primary stakeholder” in their kids’ education.

     Cardona: “I believe parents are important stake-holders but I also believe that educators have a role in determining educational programming.”

     A lot of Twitter keyboard warriors are stating that, given professors and teachers are professionals at what they do, that parents should just trust them OR do home-schooling.

     Here’s Cardona on PBS NewsHour:

     He weasel-worded it. He didn’t want to say “No, parents aren’t the primary stakeholders in their children’s education,” right out in front of God and everybody. So he circumnavigated the question. (Also take note of that insidious phrase “educational programming.” I wonder exactly what he meant by that?) All the same, it’s clear that despite the predictable blowback from the earlier “gaffe,” Education Secretary Miguel Cardona will not contradict Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe.

     Why not? I can only think of two reasons:

  • Either Cardona sincerely agrees with McAuliffe;
  • Or he’s been instructed not to break ranks with an important Democrat candidate for high office.

     In either case, the message is clear: This is now Democrat educational policy.

     Spread it around, Gentle Readers. There aren’t many American parents of minor children who’d hear that message and approve it. Quite a lot of left-leaning mothers and fathers are already quite unhappy with the way their kids are being indoctrinated. (Pace Cardona’s “educational programming,” I made a deliberate choice of words there: they certainly aren’t being “educated.”) At this point the single nondestructive function the “public” schools serve is as a six-to-eight-hour babysitting service so Mom can go to her paying gig – and I’d be willing to dispute that one, as well.

     Once more, in large font:

If you love your kids,
Get them OUT of the “public” schools!

     I trust no more need be said.


    • Bill Johnson on October 1, 2021 at 7:26 AM

    If you love your kids,
    Get them OUT of the “public” schools!

    And the US military!

  1. If someone uses the words “stakeholders” in connection with your children, flee to the mountains.

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