While One Swallow Doth Not A Summer Make (UPDATED)

     …it is instructive to watch the little thing flit past as the vendors of the “vaccine” strive to assure us that their product is “effective” and “safe:”

     I’m currently trying to download the video, so that YouTube can’t memory-hole it.

     Folks, the “vaccine” might not kill you. However, it appears to be at least as dangerous as the COVID-19 virus – especially to the over-70 / comorbidity population at whom it’s being trumpeted. Make your own decisions, but also, ask yourself an illuminating question or two:

  1. Have health-care workers been fired en masse in any other “pandemic” you could name?
  2. If the “vaccine” is entirely beneficial, why have the makers been indemnified against lawsuits?

     Just a few Tuesday-morning thoughts.

     UPDATE: As I expected, YouTube has deleted the video above, but I’ve managed to download it. As it’s large (over 100 MBytes), I can’t email it, but anyone who’s willing to pay for postage can have a copy on CD.


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    • Toastrider on October 5, 2021 at 7:26 AM

    If I was Big Pharma, I’d still be sweating.

    Indemnity and immunity to lawsuits are only worth the paper they’re written on and the goodwill of politicians and lawyers. Get enough outcry, and those immunities may wind up being set aside.

    Think it can’t happen? Take note of the lawsuits being lobbed at gun manufacturers in full violation of the PLCA. And those are under far more questionable contexts.

  1. Will the not-vax kill you?  Maybe.  Probably not, at least not at first.  Long term effects are still unknown.  What we DO know is that is does NOT prevent infection, and it does NOT prevent transmission.  That there is enough for me to not get it.  Too many risks, and zero real reward.

    • NITZAKHON on October 6, 2021 at 9:58 AM

    Video is gone.  Hope you got it.

  2. Hey Fran! Long time reader, big fan.  Send me an email at Rakkasan101st@protonmail with your paypal info and I’ll send you some $$$ for the CD.  I can upload the vidya on my blegg.  Dunno if you’ve ever come by but it’s https://bigcountryexpatoriginal.blogspot.com/ really “raw” at my house so be warned

    My other site bigcountryexpat.com has mad bandwidth that I can upload to.  Would love to get a copy.


    • Jeffrey on October 7, 2021 at 7:42 AM

    That video can still be found all over the place.  I searched the (using youtube’s parent, Google!) and found many sites with the video right away.  A couple of private blogs, and BitChute.  There were many more search results, I just stopped after three.  I did download it from youtube before it was yanked.

    1. Would you please send a link to the video to BigCountryExpat? That would save me some work and him some money. He included his email address in his comment on this post.

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