America’s stock in trade — propaganda and repression.

Edward Bernays and his clique contributed heavily to this trend [the neutering of democratic forces] from 1915 onwards: they used public relations and propaganda techniques to give the impression that the USA was free, democratic, open, etc. when it was none of those things. And today the unholy alliance between state and corporations – the definition of fascism, according to Mussolini – has clamped down hard on every trace of individual freedom.[1]

Do you object to open borders, complete anarchy in the streets, attacks on dissident voices, scraggle beards and femadactyls deciding how you should live your life and what you can read or say, or judicial betrayal? Tough. Go pound sand, muchacho.

[1] Comment by Tom Welsh on “Things Go Awry.” By Israel Shamir, The Unz Review, October 12, 2021.