This Piece Needs No Title…

     …except possibly “Holy shit!They’re not even trying to hide it any longer:

     The owner of a New York City supermarket chain predicted the food prices will increase sharply in the coming months, with some increasing 10 percent in the next two months.

     John Catsimatidis, the billionaire supermarket owner of Gristedes and D’Agostino Foods, warned that food giants such as Nabisco, PepsiCo, and Coca-Cola will prioritize raising prices on products.

     “I see over 10 percent [price increase] in the next 60 days,” he said in an interview with Fox Business on Monday, adding that the trend will not drop “anytime soon.” Catsimatidis cited rising inflation and supply chain bottlenecks that are currently plaguing supermarkets and other retailers around the United States.

     Catsimatidis then cautioned: “I see food prices going up tremendously” because food company CEOs “want to be ahead of the curve and the way they’re doing it is they’re dropping all promotions. They are dropping low-moving items.”

     Feel the fear.

     No, it’s not just that I got very little sleep last night…or that one of my dogs has been digging escape tunnels in the back yard…or that my wife got so drunk yesterday evening that she actually left her purse, which she normally clutches so fiercely that to detach it from her would take surgery, at a restaurant. Things are really, truly going to Hell in the Land of the Formerly Free.

     Save this URL. You’ll thank me later.


     The causal chains are somewhat tangled, but nevertheless they’re evident to anyone with eyes that see and a mind that doesn’t automatically block out the unpleasant like Zaphod Beeblebrox’s unique “safety glasses.” To my way of thinking, the most important elements are:

  • Usurper Biden’s deliberate attempt to shut down the American oil and gas industries;
  • Gavin Newsom’s decree that no internal-combustion vehicles will cruise California’s roads after 2035;
  • The upcoming OSHA regulation mandating COVID-19 vaccinations for all companies with 100 or more employees;
  • The destruction of the dollar by unlimited federal borrowing and deficit spending.

     The first of these has raised the price of all petroleum and natural-gas products, which compels an increase in the prices of anything that requires energy to produce, or that must be moved from producer to retailer. The second has resulted in a sharp decrease of trucks and truckers available to move goods from California’s port cities to their destinations in the U.S. The third has caused millions – yes, millions — of American workers in every field of endeavor to leave or lose their jobs, bringing about a worker shortfall that has crippled the economy generally. And the fourth, by weakening the dollar, has stepped on the accelerator of price escalation, especially as regards anything imported.

     With all this, the utterly contemptible Jen Psaki has the incomparable gall to claim that the economy is getting better because “people are buying things.” There’s the giveaway, Gentle Reader. She’s either too stupid to understand even basic economics, or she’s completely corrupt and willing to purvey any lie, however bald, that will keep her in her job at the lectern. Given that she works for America’s first demonstrably senile president – great God in heaven, you can practically see the marionette strings! – I could easily believe either or both.

     There’s no more pretending that “everything will work out just fine.” The Constitutional federated republic called the United States of America is dead. The Usurpers are busily shoveling dirt into its face.


     I just bought a second freezer. I intend to cram it to bursting with meats, legumes, any vegetables that will survive being frozen, coffee, and whatever other edibles belong in a freezer. I figure that between my two freezers and my large pantry, I can store enough to feed us for at least a year. (I can’t eat that “survival food” crap. Too much salt for a man whose blood pressure could be used to power a moonshot.) If we’re still under the Usurpers’ thumbs a year from now, I very much doubt I’ll still be alive. Some uniformed thug – “Just doing my job, sir” – will have posed me, a retiree of reclusive ways, the choice of vaccination or death.

     In that event, I intend to take as many such thugs to Hell with me as I can. I’d consider it a service to my fellow freedom lovers. (Also, I want a decent honor guard when I get there.) If you’re similarly inclined, a few words of advice:

  • Load the shotgun with slugs;
  • Aim for the face.

     Yes, you really did just read all that. Yes, I meant every word. For now, avoid crowds, keep your loved ones close, and be well. I’ll see you on the other side.


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    • SWVaguy on October 21, 2021 at 6:37 AM

    Dear Jen replied to a question about shortages and delays resulting from container ships waiting to be unloaded to LA and Long Beach:  “The tragedy of the treadmill delay.” If that was an attempt at humor, she fell flat on her face. It was cynical and derisive.  But that’s no surprise considering who she works for.


      • Lysander on October 21, 2021 at 9:05 AM

      well, SHE is cynical and derisive.
      And not intelligent.

    • Roll-aid on October 21, 2021 at 6:58 AM

    Wow.  My short-term (~2 year) view is less sanguine — as their is a lot of inertia in this country for what is good —  but long term, it’s getting harder to describe a scenario that brings around a permanent change that leads to objectively improving conditions in the USA.    Even a Trump had only marginal impact but heroically ripped away the veneer of civility from those who are bent on our destruction and installing themselves to rule over the rubble.

    I’d add to your list open borders and the flood of immigrants.  The administration has clearly and openly declared their utter contempt at any measure to moderate the flow and it’s getting worse.  Not to mention several thousand Afgans without so much as a scrap of paper as to their identity posed to come into the country.

    We had a short power outage yesterday and the propane-fueled generator kicked in – it is needed to run our freezers, well pump / septic system.   Even a few hundred gallons will only last so long.

    We’re “rural” but only a couple of gallons of gas away from a major metro area.  Shotgun – check.  Firearms, a modest store of ammo, and professional instruction – check. Have another instructor session later today at the range.  All our neighbors are armed and you can hear gunfire on and off on any given day from people practicing.  People who have lived here all their lives say that is a new thing.   It’s reassuring in some fashion, but it’s a troubling leading indicator that a large swath of the population feels the need.



    • NITZAKHON on October 21, 2021 at 9:15 AM

    Legs – likely unarmored – are IMHO a better first-shot target with 00 buck.  Down they go.  That then gives you time to get them to Hell.

    As to an honor guard at the latter?  I’ll be in yours if I go first.

    1. (chuckle) The gag used to be that your “honor guard” was the number of villains you manage to take with you before they manage to put you down. Not the people you like or think well of you. But thanks for the thought.

      Oh, concerning shotgun loads: a lot of LEOs have taken to wearing not merely Kevlar vests, but also polycarbonate face shields that are highly difficult for shotgun balls to penetrate, so I recommend slugs. A slug always works. It’s got the full power of the load behind it.

    • NITZAKHON on October 21, 2021 at 11:13 AM

    (chuckle) The gag used to be that your “honor guard” was the number of villains you manage to take with you before they manage to put you down. Not the people you like or think well of you. But thanks for the thought.

    You know, I always believed that so long as I took some people with me, I’d have them as servants on “the other side”… 🙂

    Slugs are incredibly hard to find. 🙁

    • Mike in Canada on October 21, 2021 at 11:24 AM


    The increasing propensity of the government to spew the most outrageous (and verifiable) horseshit as if it were fact, and then somehow penalize those who point out the error, is becoming tiresome. ‘Doublethink’ doesn’t even come close to describing the spiritual insult this sort of thing engenders.

    Since it is clear that a substantial segment of the population-at-large believes in-, and therefore supports the implications of, said horseshit, it is very difficult to conclude that the world has not in fact taken complete (and utterly unjustified) leave of its senses.

    To say that this trend is ‘troubling’ is to achieve Churchillian-level understatement.

    We note, also, the increasing degree of mechanization being created and installed… almost as if the ground were being prepped for a substantive reduction in the labour pool. The efforts of Boston Dynamics are of particular note.

    Should one of those things come through the door, I suggest aiming for the optical sensors (at first).


    • SWVaguy on October 21, 2021 at 1:46 PM

    Since we’re the counter-culture now, it’s really heartening to see “resistance” everywhere.  It appears to be more widespread than anything fostered by the whacko left.  There is hope yet.

    • sawman on October 22, 2021 at 11:03 AM

    See your two freezers and raise you two more. With 4 freezers a full pantry and an even fuller deep pantry not to mention and additional (30) 5 gallon pails with essentials like beans, grains, flour and so on all sealed in Mylar bags with O2 absorbers and as a last result a good supply of dehydrated foods from mountain House, Wise & Augason Farms our tribe will be bale to eat well through the first year or so of the coming zombie apocalypse. We had two freezers and doubled that in the first stages of the plandemic. Then began shopping the sales for meat and other freezable items, vacuum sealing and storing them away. Chicken, pork and even more so beef are up 15-25% over what they were on sale for back in 2020. Took care of the beef issue and bought a whole half a grass fed beef from a relatively local farmer and had it custom cut and vacuum sealed for us, frozen and loaded in my jeep when I arrived.

    Being a pure blood as are all the other members of our immediate tribe we will accept no vaxx mandate. Living at the end of a long gravel mountain road with our nearest neighbor a mile and a half away has its advantages. We would be alerted to any large numbers of unknown vehicles long before they arrived. Trespassers are frowned upon in this area. As a friend mentioned when he first visited the homestead, “damn there are plenty of places out here to bury a body that would never be found”.

    There will be some dark days ahead and I may well not see the other side of this tribulation, but at 68 years old so it goes. It has been foretold in the end God wins,,,

    • Max M Wiley on October 22, 2021 at 5:42 PM

    “I can’t eat that “survival food” crap…”
    There are lots of healthy foods you can store in bulk that don’t require refrigeration, although they do require more energy to cook.
    All of the following stores for potentially 20+ years with sealed buckets, mylar bags, and 02 absorbers. Use good food grade buckets with gamma lids (getting hard to find) and you can skip the mylar.
    Hard Red Wheat – but you need a grinder to make use of it as needed
    Steel Cut Oats
    Rice (but not brown rice, the bran will cause rotting)
    Various legumes – I prefer healthy beans like kidney, garbonzos, and lentils that are healthy and don’t require as much cooking as varieties like pintos.

    Honey in appropriate containers functionally lasts forever. There are good ways to store molasses, and even refined sugar. Just don’t use O2 absorber with anything sweet.

    Bulk salt is cheap, for the moment. You think you don’t want salt right now but if you lose the capability to refrigerate your meat supply you’ll need a lot. Don’t worry, the increased activity level will probably solve your high blood pressure.

    Do consider how much energy it takes to cook all this stuff, and how many calories you will be burning keeping your household functioning without the modern conveniences, and plan accordingly.

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