They’re Going For Broke

     The signs are all there.

     Consider this rather naive piece. “More Bad Polls For Joe Biden – Will Democrats Ever Learn?” Learn what? That one should sit on one’s opportunities until they’ve evaporated, as the Republicans do? Truly, if anyone in this country knows the value of political hegemony, however brief its tenure might appear, it’s the Democrats’ strategists.

     Being old, I remember many old things. One is a slice from an original Star Trek episode: “Errand of Mercy.” In that episode the Enterprise has come to “Organia,” a seemingly bucolic planet, just as a full-scale war has broken out between the UFP and the Klingons. Toward the end of the episode, Kirk and Spock are confronting Coor, the commander of the Klingon fleet that has arrived to subjugate Organia:

COOR: So, you are here. You will be interested in knowing that a Federation fleet is on its way here at the moment. Our fleet is preparing to meet them.
KIRK: Checkmate, Commander.
COOR: Shall we wait and see the results before you kill me?
KIRK: I don’t intend to kill you unless I have to.
COOR: Sentimentality, mercy. The emotions of peace. Your weakness, Captain Kirk. The Klingon Empire shall win. Think of it, as we sit here, in space above us the destiny of the galaxy will be decided for the next ten thousand years. Can I offer you a drink? We can toast the victory of the Klingon fleet.
SPOCK: You may be premature. There are many possibilities.
COOR: Today we conquer. If some day we are defeated, well, war has its fortunes good and bad.

     From the above, Coor understands that power is to be used. It cannot be conserved. He who has power must use it or lose it. Indeed, not to use it guarantees that it will be lost all the more quickly. The Democrats understand that, too.

     The Democrats are moving as swiftly as possible to build socialist institutions that will serve them as impregnable bastions. Should the next election or two go against them, as is often the case when they’ve managed to ram home one of their major strokes against freedom and Constitutional governance – remember what happened after they passed ObamaCare? – the designs of those bastions would eventually reinstall them at the top. Even if they should be compelled to wait a decade or more, they would have succeeded in centralizing key powers of national control in agencies whose very existence would render them predisposed toward the Left and its aims.

     Contrast this attitude with the GOP’s endlessly repeated “Not until we’re stronger” chant, and the lassitude it induces both in their officeholders and their supporters.

     The kinder assumption is that the Republican Party’s strategists don’t understand power. If that’s incorrect, then they don’t intend that it be used to further their party’s supposed aims. Draw from that whatever conclusions you prefer.


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    • Roll-aid on October 27, 2021 at 7:46 AM

    Been following your site for a couple of weeks now.

    I find it very hard to create a scenario that takes our country through the current crisis and have us come out the other side in any condition that would be recognizable to our predecessors.

    May a just and good God see us through.

    Outside, it’s a cool, rainy, early morning on the west coast.  I have been reading Mr. Michael Yon’s output for a long while.   His recent posting makes the cold rain outside run through my veins.

    Our hope lies with our numbers.  But a diffuse cloud of resistance stands little chance against a focused and determined foe.    When will we see the first spark, or will it never happen and eventually the Beast consumes us all, small bite by small bite?

    • Amy on October 27, 2021 at 10:42 AM

    Slight correction: The Klingon commander’s name is “Kor.” He was played by John Colicos, who was later noteworthy for the roles of Baltar on the original Battlestar Galactica and Mikos Cassadine on General Hospital.

    Kor also reappeared on Deep Space Nine, where it turns out he was a friend of two other well-known TOS-era Klingons, Koloth (“The Trouble with Tribbles”) and Kang (“Day of the Dove”), as well as Curzon Dax, the previous host of Jadzia Dax. (The way he first greets Jadzia is positively heartwarming: “Curzon, my old friend!” “I’m Jadzia now.” “Jadzia, my old friend!”)

    1. (chuckle) Well, you know, I can’t read Klingon. It was spoken from time to time where I used to work, but documents written in it were few. (:-)

    • celtblood on October 27, 2021 at 12:42 PM

    There is no doubt about the goals of the “new” Democrats (those who have “progressed” following Kennedy, the last true old school Democratic president)… they are avowed Socialists and globalists, determined to (as Obama put it) “fundamentally transform” the USA into the very thing our Constitution was designed to protect us from.  That would be a Socialist government wherein individual rights are replaced by collective “rights” dictated by a central government, with no means for the people to effectively rebel (hence the constant assault from the left on “gun violence” and the 2nd Amendment).  Nor is there any doubt about the current wave of weak, “moderate” Republicans like the late John McCain or the Romneys or even the Bushs, who so often fall into lockstep with their friends the Clintons and Obamas.  Their aim is to maintain the status quo, and as they lose ground to the radical left, simply make the best of it and make a few symbolic gestures which, in the end, give them their way.  Just look at the way they raised virtually no objection to allowing mail-in ballots in 2020, which rendered the entire process a joke.  (The USPS has always warned us to never send cash or critical documents through the mail, so how are we supposed to believe ballots were somehow magically safe?  It’s ridiculous.)

    When a real reformer, a genuine conservative who still believes absolutely in the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and our fierce independence from any global control, he or she is condemned as some sort of out-of-control nut, painted as a narcissistic power grabber, and even as a racist, bigot, “hater”, misogynist, or any other false label they can apply which they feel will fool enough gullible voters to swing things away from such a threat.  (And you may be sure, people like Trump, Desantis, Cruz, Lauren Bobert, and Marjorie Taylor Greene are considered a threat to the status quo… a BIG threat.)

    As corruption festers throughout a republic, that corruption becomes the norm.  When real leaders and reformers come along and start a war against such a trend, daring to actually fight for what our Founding Fathers intended us to have, those who are in the seats of corrupt power will join together to fend off any actual, positive change.  The enemies of this nation now control our “educational” system, our media, both the House and Senate, the Oval Office, and one major political party, and they’re making inroads into the other major party through groups such as the so-called “Lincoln Project”.  It isn’t too late for us to save the country we love, but it’s going to be an ugly struggle, and we’re going to need real warriors to win, not “moderates” who will continue to cave in as they sit back and watch genuine liberty perish.

    There are times when an Eisenhower won’t get the job done, and you need a Patton.  Now is that time.


      • dusty on October 28, 2021 at 1:36 AM

      I wholeheartedly agree. Organizing was an Eisenhower but action was Patton’s cup of tea.

    • NITZAKHON on October 27, 2021 at 1:42 PM

    And this is how they keep advancing.

    OUR SIDE takes a drubbing and says “Well, maybe that’s not what The People want” and changes track.  THEIR SIDE knows what they want, and no matter how many times they are put back on their heels, they keep coming.

    I’ve said it when I wrote here*, I’ve said it further back, and more recently, I’ll say it again.  THEY ARE MISSIONARIES.


    FYI, been getting some good traction at my new home.  And I refer to here, plus put your essays into Gates of Vienna’s link aggregates too.

    1. Nitz, if you never forget the two most common Prog slogans, nothing they do can be a surprise.

      1. No enemies to the left
      2. Two steps forward, one step back

      The first most applies to Progs in any conservative party (liberal party in Oz).
      The second is almost completely abandoned as the title of this essay suggests.

    • John in Indy on October 27, 2021 at 10:49 PM

    I read the Gateway Pundit daily, and usually read the comments, but with their change in comment program from Disqus I will no longer comment there.

    I read the TOS, then went to the corporate site, and found that it was a marketing platform designed to scrape marketing info from commentary, and then to sell it to whomever might make “best use” of my personal information or of what psych or motivational profiles could be developed from that information.

    Read about it first, then decide.

    John in Indy

    • Georgiaboy61 on October 28, 2021 at 12:14 AM

    Re: “Contrast this attitude with the GOP’s endlessly repeated ‘Not until we’re stronger’ chant, and the lassitude it induces both in their officeholders and their supporters. The kinder assumption is that the Republican Party’s strategists don’t understand power. If that’s incorrect, then they don’t intend that it be used to further their party’s supposed aims. Draw from that whatever conclusions you prefer.”

    The Trump era was illuminating in any  number of ways, but perhaps the most-salutary is the manner in which it tore the masks from people, places and things previously hidden. The manner in which it laid-bare, for example, how many of the so-called “stalwarts” of the mainstream GOP are controlled opposition and traitors to the people and ideas they claimed to serve.

    Our supposed bicameral system of governance is a lie, a facade, a Potemkin Village, and has been for some time now. The whole “Democrats versus Republicans” thing is nothing more than political theater staged to convince the ‘proles and the ‘rubes out in flyover country that their vote still means something, when nothing could be further from the truth.

    Some years ago, a blue-ribbon panel of historians and political scientists from universities across the country gathered to study the question of who actually runs this country. After these scholars, most of whom are leftist in their political orientation, concluded their work, they issued a finding that the people don’t run the country, the billionaire oligarchs do.

    Isn’t it patently obvious at long last to anyone with a pulse and two functioning neurons – that the Republicans aren’t interesting in winning elections or rolling back Democrat-Leftist programs? They interested in playing their parts as designated losers and getting paid with the crumbs from the left’s table.

    The D’s and R’s are in reality just two branches of the Uniparty, the leviathan that rules Washington and rules the country. What some call the deep-state. The occasional and quite genuine screaming matches between left and right serve to heighten the illusion that “real change” happens when one party switches places with another and takes power.  It doesn’t matter – none of it. A boot on your neck is still a boot on your neck, whether it wears a “D” or an “R”….

    In short, the billionaires and their bought-and-paid-for hired help have the game rigged, “Heads they win, tails you lose”…

    • Spingehra on October 28, 2021 at 7:57 AM

    After who needs killing is killed

    Gonna need some changin the way things are ain’t going to be again.

    A hundred or two more them that’s there ll have ta do it all over again.

    • Bob on October 28, 2021 at 12:42 PM

    “Should the next election or two go against them..”

    I am curious – What makes you think that they will not”win” (steal) every election until Jesus returns-and maybe even after that?

    TPTB have ensured that there will never be a true election (or recall vote) again.

    1. It may still be possible for the Right to win, if sufficient anti-vote fraud measures are in place, or (shudder) if the Right out-cheats the Left. While pessimism is understandable, at this time, nothing is certain.

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