Always Reinforce Success!

     One of the harder tactical lessons to learn, if we judge by the behavior of field commanders throughout history, is rather simple:

Cut Your Losses;
Reinforce Your Successes.

     The first part of that maxim is on all fours with “Don’t throw good money after bad.” It’s remarkable how many people will nod sagely when they hear that, but ignore it when the play turns against them. You say the cards / the dice / the skirmishes are running against you? Cut your losses. Save your remaining resources and go elsewhere. Yet note how many gamblers double down when they’re losing. The words apparently never got to their decision-making lobes.

     Reinforcing success is equally important. When the tide is in your favor, use it. Bring up your local reserves and punch a big hole in the enemy’s line. Penetrate and attack his forces from the rear, just as you would if you’d pierced his flank. Never waste an opportunity to strike decisively.

     The Right has had several successes these past few days. It’s time to reinforce them. How? There are many ways, but as a narrow-gauge commentator, my preference is to hammer on the ironies until the Left screams “racism!” (And you know they will.) Here’s a good one – and I hope John Krasinski, who’s supposedly a liberal Democrat, doesn’t mind seeing his face used in a conservative cause:

     Smarts, doesn’t it? Speaking of the Left’s propensity for racism-shouting, the election of Winsome Sears, a Negro, as lieutenant-governor of Virginia provides another marker. Her opponent was Hala Ayala, a half-Hispanic / quarter Irish / quarter Lebanese of far lighter skin tone. But of course the pundits are crying “racism” over the Youngkin / Sears victory. So let’s pile on:

Hala Ayala and Winsome Sears:

The “Racists” Elected The One On The Right.

     Use your creativity. The iron is hot:

Hit them till your knuckles bleed.
Don’t give them a moment’s rest.
Always reinforce success!


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    • SWVaguy on November 4, 2021 at 7:09 AM

    We’re all racists down here, doncha know.  In my neck of the woods down in SW Virginny, Youngkin got anywhere from 72 to 90 percent of the vote, with Winsome Sears getting similar numbers.  How can that be?  We crackers would never vote for a black person, right? The way past elections have gone, I fully expected McCauliffe to win.  If you look at the voting map of VA, about 80 percent of the 133 counties voted republican.  Her story personifies the American Dream, and I expect we’re going to hear ALOT from her in the future.  If she decides to run for higher office, she’ll definitely get my vote, as she will the rest of the crackers down this way.  Never give up, never give in.  And we didn’t!

    • enn ess on November 4, 2021 at 2:10 PM

    I think the most telling race was the unseating of long term NJ Democrap senator by a truck driver that only spent $153 bucks on his campaign. How could he possibly do any worse than his predecessor did. This country needs tons more of these overturning. Win them locally and the PTB will render themselves useless without knowing what happened.

  1. You tell them, Francis!
    My advice to the Left –

  2. From “Princess’ Crusade“, chapter 11…

    “How are things here?” Faustina whispered, her eyes unseeing, to her staff.  There was so much to do!
    “Cohorts three and five are through the Chinese outer line but have not secured a broad enough front to release the reserve,” she was told.  “But Cohort one is falling back.  It seems the local commander used counter-battery radar to find our arty and launched a counterattack.  They are requesting reinforcements.”
    “Absolutely not.  Lose the guns first,” she whispered again, “looking” at the two breakthroughs.  “Release the reserve.  Tell them to follow behind Fifth and move!  The enemy is going to try to hold the main airport and the port.  Bypass them and stay away from the airstrips.  That’s a machine gunner’s dream!  Back in a bit!”
    Orders were already going out as they watched her body grow still.

    Reinforce success, not failure.

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