Brilliance That Must Not Blush Unseen

     I’ve long had a high regard for Paul Joseph Watson. I know, I know: “he’s not to everyone’s taste.” But he strikes the jugular with great regularity. I have yet to catch him in a falsehood or a deliberate distortion, and you can bet your bottom dollar that I’m alert to such things. So I recommend him to others who have a hankering for commentary that crosscuts the ugly trends in contemporary society.

     The video below is some of his very bravest and best work. I urge my Gentle Readers to play it for themselves. What you will see is a great part of the reason I and millions of like-minded others have completely separated ourselves from the mass media. It’s likely to tip you over from an inchoate unease about social manipulation to a white-hot fury about the perversions being defended by the media…if you haven’t erupted into full-scale rage already:

     I’ve been writing about some of these things for a long time, but Watson’s piercing observations and video collages drive the matter home with a jackhammer. Many things you’ve tried to wish away are really, truly happening. They’re at the core of the ideological assault on Western consciousness, and Watson points them up brilliantly.

     The product, as he says, is you. Us. We the Socially Re-engineered People. The barrages of messages – some subliminal, some overt – share the common aim of denormalizing every longstanding Western ideal or norm. Indeed, the target is the idea of normality itself.

     Please share it with everyone you know.


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    • SWVaguy on November 7, 2021 at 5:02 PM

    Why yes.  Watching TV commercials nowadays, you’d swear the U. S. is a majority black country. It must be true then, correct?  Bigot accusations to follow.

  1. My husband noticed this a few years ago. That a White family – father, mother, kids – was so rare on media, as to be remarkable. It’s not an innately BAD thing to associate outside of one’s ethnic or affinity group; it is, however, bad to have that pushed to the extent that NOT participating in an inter-racial family creation – preferentially – is virtually a hate crime.

    As a Christian, I’m fine with other groups participating, as they might desire, in Christmas or other specifically Christian holidays. To a great extent, that will likely be a bland, secularized Santa Claus-y celebration. Few would participate to the extent of making sure that they attended mass, learned and sung the traditional carols with religious significance, or set up a creche, an Advent candle wreath, or read the Christmas story from the Bible.

    That last part, about the actual story of the first Christmas celebration, was, by the mid-1960s, so minimized and carefully kept a secret from the youth of America, that for many kids, their first introduction to the Biblical basis of Christ’s birth, was A Charlie Brown Christmas. And, for that touching story, we have to thank the stubbornness of the comic’s creator, who was prepared to forego seeing his comic on TV, rather then compromise on the religious nature of the show./.

    • Tracy Coyle on November 8, 2021 at 4:29 AM

    Given my complete ignoring of media – I don’t think I’ve seen a commercial (except maybe movie trailers) in more than …10 years?  I’ve of course been inundated with ads via online – but I can short circuit the vast majority…  Maybe that is why I’m not a conformed drone…

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