Packing For a Trip in the Techno-Age

I am settled down, for now. I had a mild panic about 1/2 hour ago; I could not find my iPhone anywhere.

I asked Alexa to call me – nope, didn’t help me find it (the volume was turned down).

I finally thought to use my iPad’s Find my iPhone app – it worked a charm. I’d been doing something, and set it down on the mantel, and forgot about it.

That’s really not like me, as I generally have a good idea where I put things (I have developed HABITS with capital letters – I do NOT deviate, as otherwise, I would be completely lost as to the location of any of my doo-hickeys).

But, to manage a simple 3 day trip, I have to pack:

  • Clothing, the easy part
  • Vitamins and daily meds
  • Asthma inhalers
  • iPhone
  • iPad (not taking the computer this time)
  • Fitbit
  • Hearing aids
  • GPS unit
  • UHF/VHF radio, manual, and charger
  • Cords, both charging and connection for all the above
  • ID for the airplane
  • Download the phone app for my trip, check in

That’s a lot of stuff, most of which I wouldn’t have needed even 15 years ago (some weren’t widely available, in handheld size). And, this is a trip in which I l am deliberately NOT packing a lot of tech gear. And, thanks to Smartphones, many of these tech units could actually be replaced with a single device. But, I find that it leads to too-quick drainage of the phone’s battery to have all of them active at the same time. And, the screen is too small for easy reading in my aging eyes.